• Russia Oil

    The standoff for control of Russia’s TNK-BP has seen visa refusals, prosecution threats and aggressive investigation driven by office raids. Behind it all is a growing belief that foreign investment...

  • Subsea Production Growth

    What's behind the staggering growth in subsea production? Can the trend continue? Paul French investigates.

  • Saudi Oil Hike Not Enough

    Saudi Arabia's plan to crank up oil output may not be enough to choke crude's record rally. Matthew Robinson investigates whether or not it will bring relief to consumer economies...

  • Saudi Secrets Lie Behind Oil Promises

    Oil producers and consumers recently met in Jeddah to discuss oil price rises. Saudi's King Abdullah condemned oil 'speculators' on the spiralling price of crude and called for greater 'transparency'...

  • Take Control: Smart Valves Step Forward

    A growing proportion of the oil and gas industry's investment in new technology is focused on intelligent systems. These systems improve efficiency and make complex subsea reserves viable. A key...

  • The Psychology of Safety

    It has been 20 years since the Piper Alpha disaster but, as Dr Gareth Evans finds out, safety issues still prevail.

  • Passionate About… Materials

    Hugh Williams of IMCA continues his look at topics that raise passionate feelings amongst offshore specialists. This month... materials.


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