• Traffic Jams

    The world economy continues to rely on oil, so sea freight and pipelines maintain their vital importance to supply. However, geography dictates that the flow of traffic is not as...

  • Thunder Horse Back on Course

    In July 2005, a dramatic sequence of events in the Gulf of Mexico threatened BP's Thunder Horse platform. Hugh Kidwell reports on the rescue of the structure.

  • Reading Between the Lines

    Statoil's Subsea Improved Oil Recovery (SIOR) project makes an important step forward for subsea production. It does however, draw attention to the need for a number of technological developments. Matt...

  • Developing the South Pars Field

    Reaching remote gas fields is difficult and costly – especially when the field is in an under-developed region. Pierre Gie writes about Total's management of the $2bn development of the...

  • Field of Vision

    The Statfjord late life project is enabling Statoil to prolong the life of a maturing field for many years. Bjarne Bakken writes about the strategic shift from an oil field...

  • A Year in HSSE

    Reflecting on 2005, Greg Coleman, BP, looks at health, safety, security and the environment in the oil and gas industry.

  • Supplies Uncertain for Eastern Europe

    The stability of gas supply has become an issue of increased importance in Europe of late. While Russia and the former Soviet states are embroiled in disagreements over gas prices,...

  • Gass on Gas

    John D Gass looks at how to improve the supply chain for natural gas as demand escalates in the coming years.

  • The Meaning of Safety

    Total's Jean-Marc Jaubert looks at what safety means for the firm and how the strategy is permeating all business areas.

  • LNG and the Dash for Gas

    Rising demand is turning liquefied natural gas into an increasingly strategic concern. Will Ollard looks at the key reserves, and their accessibility to the principal markets.


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