• Offshore Technology Focus: Issue 64

    In this issue: Egypt's Zohr megaproject, US safety regulation updates, the UK's new O&G tech accelerator, a debate over decommissioning North Sea platforms, and more

  • Offshore Technology Focus: Issue 63

    Offshore Technology Focus is now available on all devices! In this issue: US withdrawal from the EITI, exploration opportunities in Namibia, deepwater winners and losers, and more

  • Offshore Technology Focus: Issue 62

    In this issue: Opportunities in Malta, a timeline of game-changing gas discoveries in the Levant Basin, clashing forecasts for the UKCS, Hilcorp’s controversial drilling project in Alaska, a new technology...

  • Offshore wearables: making safety simpler

    Industries are starting to embrace wearable IoT devices that can help protect workers by monitoring biometrics, broadcasting data back to control rooms and warning workers of potential dangers. Will offshore...

  • Tracking ice in offshore operations

    A collaboration led by Canadian technology company Rutter has developed a tracker that can help protect offshore platforms from treacherous icebergs. How much damage can floating ice do and what...