Lancaster Eps is a producing conventional oil field located in shallow water in the UK and is operated by Hurricane Energy. The field is located in block 205/21a P1368 CENTRAL, with water depth of 514 feet.

Three expansion projects are associated with the Lancaster Eps conventional oil field, namely Greater Lancaster Area (GLA) FFD, Lancaster EPS Water Injection Project and Lancaster EPS FDPA. The expansion projects are currently in the feasibility and approval stage.

Field participation details

The field is owned by Hurricane Energy.

Production from Lancaster Eps

The Lancaster Eps conventional oil field recovered 67.96% of its total recoverable reserves, with peak production in 2020. The peak production was approximately 13.91 thousand bpd of crude oil and condensate and 6 Mmcfd of natural gas. Based on economic assumptions, production will continue until the field reaches its economic limit in 2024. The field currently accounts for approximately 1% of the country’s daily output.

Remaining recoverable reserves

The field is expected to recover 5.96 Mmboe, comprised of 5.59 Mmbbl of crude oil & condensate and 2.2 bcf of natural gas reserves.

Contractors involved in the Lancaster Eps conventional oil field

The key contractors involved in the Lancaster Eps project as follows.

Other Contractors: Global Engineering and Construction Group

About Hurricane Energy

Hurricane Energy Plc (Hurricane) is an oil and gas exploration and development company that discovers and develops oil from fractured basement reservoirs. The company provides exploration properties such as lancaster basement prospect, whirlwind basement discovery, lincoln basement prospect, and others. It offers exploration services such as typhoon basement prospect, halifax basement prospect, warwick basement prospect and strathmore sandstone discovery, among others. Hurricane also provides wireline tools which are used to measure geological and fluid properties of the reservoir and for engineering activities. The company’s license blocks are located 60 miles West of Shetland and 100 miles north of mainland Scotland. Hurricane is headquartered in Godalming,Surrey,the UK


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