Italian engineering services provider Saipem has secured more than $1.1bn in new engineering and construction offshore contracts in Russia and the North Sea.

Saipem will carry out the engineering, procurement, construction and installation of a 114km, 22in oil pipeline and a 114km, 28in gas pipeline, connecting the Vladimir Filanovsky offshore field to onshore shut-off valves in Russia’s Kalmyk Republic.

The two export pipelines will be built subsea in the Northern Caspian Sea, at a maximum water depth of 6m, along with a 10km onshore oil pipeline and 20km onshore gas pipeline.

Saipem said the shallow water depths would add to the environmental and operating challenges it would face in carrying out the project, but added that it was experienced in Caspian Sea projects.

Offshore activities, under the contract signed with Lukoil Nizhnevolzhskneft, will be carried out mainly by pipelay barge Castoro 12 and trenching vessel Castoro 16 in different phases between 2013 and 2015, Saipem said.

In the North Sea, Saipem has signed an EPCI agreement with Denmark’s Dong Exploration and Production for a gas export pipeline and an oil export pipeline in the Hejre field, located about 300km from the Danish coast.

This contract includes EPCI work on a 24km, 12in gas export pipeline in a water depth of 69m and an oil export pipeline of 90km with a 10in diameter in a water depth of 40m, connecting the field to an offshore platform, Saipem said.

These offshore activities would be carried out between the second and third quarters of 2014.