Case study: How VARTECH keeps operations safe in the Gulf of Mexico
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Case study: How VARTECH keeps operations safe in the Gulf of Mexico

14 Oct 2021

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Case study: How VARTECH keeps operations safe in the Gulf of Mexico

Loss of power generation in any circumstance is costly and to be avoided where possible, but when it’s powering a spar floating platform sitting in 4,100ft of water 190 miles off the US coast, loss of electricity could lead to the shutdown of the whole operation.

When hydrocarbon production was threatened by oil headers in the generator sets consistently running hot and triggering high-temperature alarms, Texaco’s new VARTECH technology was instrumental in providing a long-term solution.

Using VARTECH technology has not only helped the customer save up to $81,000 in annual maintenance costs but has also reduced their safety exposure and environmental risk by not having to remove equipment.

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Free Varnish Testing Guide

A Guide to Varnish Testing Methods

Using proper lubricant storage, handling and transfer techniques in a clean and dry environment will go a long way in helping to control the problems of varnish that can escalate if left untreated.

Proper maintenance schedules and condition monitoring help operators look for evidence of equipment issues and oil testing can aid in deducing suspected problems that varnish can create. Download to read more.

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