Fisher Offshore and Load Systems UK have formed a strategic partnership to provide wireless monitoring products and technology for the offshore winch and crane industry.

It is hoped the partnership will benefit both companies and its clients with new products and technology across the UK and European sectors.

Fisher Offshore and its clients will use Load Systems technology to increase flexibility and control when involved in lifting operations.

For example, where traditional cable-based systems can often cause obstruction and be susceptible to damage, the new wireless products provide information from multiple positions and data logging functions.

Fisher Offshore operations manager, Jack Davidson, said: "Traditional cable-based systems can be restrictive and are susceptible to accidental damage, ultimately resulting in loss of displays which can jeopardise multimillion pound work scopes."

"We believe this innovation will remove these potential risks immediately and further increase operational seasons offshore," Davidson added.

The wireless product uses a two-way spread spectrum radio frequency, which has an operating range of 1,300m and a two year battery life.

"It is hoped the partnership will benefit both companies and its clients with new products and technology."

This provides the flexibility to have multiple systems in operation simultaneously, and also the option to have a single base station, while achieving ultimate control during complex scopes.

Fisher Offshore said many international subsea energy companies are using the new technology on substantial projects in the North Sea.

Load Systems UK managing director, Kirk Anderson, said: "Wireless technology is very much focused upon the user’s demands, ensuring that all safety critical information can be captured while providing maximum flexibility and ease of operation, often in challenging conditions in the harshest of environments."

Image: Wireless monitoring products and technology to increase flexibility and control in lifting operations. Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.

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