Norway’s Kongsberg Seatex, a subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime, has launched new multitarget laser-based relative position reference system, called SpotTrack, for offshore applications.

SpotTrack is expected to deliver accurate range and bearing measurements and is primarily designed for Dynamic Positioning (DP) operations.

The new lightweight system is a motion stabilised rotating laser sensor, which delivers precision range and bearing readings to one or multiple retro-reflective targets.

SpotTrack will also act as a multitarget sensor, which will use an advanced detection system and tracking algorithms for true target recognition, while minimising lock-on to false reflections.

Motion stabilisation is expected to offer improved target lock on a moving platform, while SpotTrack uses already established optical targets.

The SpotTrack is designed by using proven DP reference system technology, which is typically used in conjunction with satellite positioning, microwave-based systems and subsea positioning.

SpotTrack will act as one of three position reference systems for the DP3 Class, while also supporting operations like automatic docking systems and vessel traffic monitoring.

"SpotTrack is expected to deliver accurate range and bearing measurements and is designed for Dynamic Positioning operations."

The new system is able to track targets even at high elevation angles, by using roll and pitch operations from a motion reference unit, and is suitable for close-by operations, such as 3D positioning for maritime construction.

Kongsberg Seatex sales and customer vice president Vidar Bjørkedal said SpotTrack introduces a new level of reliability and ease of operation for laser-based reference systems.

"The sensor itself is a completely sealed unit, with all moving parts housed inside, so the system is less prone to mechanical wear from exposure to the elements," Bjørkedal added.

Image: Laser-based relative position reference system SpotTrack. Photo courtesy of Kongsberg.