Gulf Offshore Norway signed an agreement with Maritime Communication Partner (MCP) to provide solutions enabling seamless mobile phone coverage and internet access to three of its vessels, operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

As part of the three-year contract, MCP will offer its solution combining the CellAtSea network, with other networks such as GSM, ICE and VSAT, which allows crews to communicate at sea as they would do on land.

MCP has already fitted the first of the three designated vessels with its offshore solution, which enables ships to connect to the suitable and rational network, depending on location.

As part of this, connections will be facilitated with both terrestrial networks, up to 50 nautical miles from land, and with networks based on installations in the North Sea.

"MCP has already fitted the first of the three designated vessels with its offshore solution."

Vessels will also receive increased bandwidth from the stable and best network, said Gulf Offshore, while highlighting the new features of the system, including data compression, web traffic filtering and data traffic prioritised by importance.

Gulf Offshore COO, Erik Utne Eikerhaugen, said the company’s customers will have a better way to communicate with the ships they have hired, rather than depending on expensive satellite communications.

"Competition is hard when it comes to attracting and retaining the best crew on the market, and they increasingly expect their employer to provide good communication solutions," Eikerhaugen added.

MCP’s new solutions are expected to be launched in domestic areas prior to spreading into new international markets globally.

Gulf Offshore Norway, which is owned by GulfMark Offshore, offers offshore supply vessel services related to exploration, construction, production and dismantling phases of the oil business.

Image: MCP will offer its solution to Gulf Offshore’s vessels. Photo courtesy of think4photop /

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