NAUTIS Desktop DP-OSVTrainer

Singapore’s Miclyn Express Offshore (MEO) has purchased a NAUTIS Offshore Supply Vessel Simulator (OSV) and Instructor Station for the training of OSV activities within its fleet.

Developed by VSTEP, the new generation of advanced DNV-certified maritime simulator NAUTIS includes a range of simulators, from desktop to full mission bridge.

MEO has followed up the initial purchase with an order for a similar one, for its joint venture Thailand training facility.

MEO will use the simulator for realistic high quality training of OSV activities and navigation with different vessels of the fleet and added specific OSVs to the simulator for training. The simulator deal includes a 240° NAUTIS OSV desktop trainer and NAUTIS instructor station.

The desktop trainer features a high performance concept whereby a full 240° horizontal outside field of view is presented to the trainee, while managing a high performance field of view display which is normally provided in bigger and more expensive full mission bridge simulators.

According to VSTEP, the display is managed using just one high-spec off-the-shelf PC without any framerate or quality loss.

The large field of view is needed for maneuvers whereby the OSV approaches an oil rig, in which case the trainee needs to have a good view looking portside or starboard.

Conventional current desktop trainers provide a limited view of 30-120° that is useful only for straight reverse platform approaches.

For the NAUTIS OSV desktop trainer, the azimuth controls are provided in a desktop size control box, connected to the PC with a USB cable, the company said.

MEO provides service vessels to the expanding offshore oil and gas industry across south-east Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

The company charters a range of offshore support vessels, crew/utility vessels, tugs, barges and coastal survey vessels to customers operating across all phases of the offshore oil and gas cycle.

Image: The NAUTIS OSV desktop trainer features a high performance concept presenting a full 240° horizontal outside field of view to the trainee. Photo courtesy of VSTEP.