Petrobras_well drilling

Brazilian company Petrobras has confirmed a hydrocarbon column of about 160m, starting at a depth of 5,322m at well 3-BRSA-1183-RJS (3-RJS-713), located in block BM-S-24, in the Santos basin pre-salt.

Known as Bracuhy, the well is said to be the third well drilled in the Jupiter area.

According to Petrobras, the well has rocks of good porosity and permeability and found an oil column about 100m thick.

To verify characteristics of the well and the productivity, a formation test is expected in the oil-bearing zone.

The well is located 26km north-east of the discovery well (1-RJS-652A), Jupiter, which detected the presence of a large deposit of gas, condensate and oil, as announced on 21 January 2008.

The new well offered samples that have confirmed they are the same fluids similar to those found in wild cat well 1-RJS-652A, as well as in extension well 3-RJS-683A.

Located 267km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro at a water depth of 2,251m, the well has a final depth of 5,765m, the company said.

The consortium will go ahead with the activities that are proposed in the Discovery Evaluation Plan, which is approved by Brazil’s National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP).

The consortium is operated by Petrobras with an 80% holding, in partnership with Petrogal Brasil that holds 20%.

A 352,260km² offshore bear trap pre-salt basin, the Santos basin is located in the south Atlantic Ocean, some 300km south-east of São Paulo, Brazil.

The basin is the site of several recent (2007-08) significant oil fields, including Tupi and Jupiter.

Image: The drilling of Bracuhy has confirmed a hydrocarbon column of about 160m. Photo courtesy of Petrobras.