Petron‘s submerged pipeline leaked and caused an oil spill, impacting around four towns in Cavite.

The company has taken responsibility for the oil spill and apologised to the communities, which were affected by it, and promised to help and resolve the situation as soon as possible.

According to a Coast Guard aerial survey, around 500,000 litres of diesel might have leaked.

The samples taken from areas hit by the spill, stretching 300km², matched the diesel being used by M/T Makisig, a tanker that had earlier unloaded fuel at a Petron terminal in Rosario town in Cavite province.

Petron president Lubin Nepomuceno said: "At this stage, we take responsibility for this unfortunate incident. We sincerely apologise and assure all the communities affected that we will strive to resolve the situation at the soonest possible time."

"According to a Coast Guard aerial survey, around 500,000 litres of diesel might have leaked."

A team of Philippine coast guard divers have encountered the leak during a diving operation on Sunday, while the spill was first discovered about three kilometres off the coast of Rosario on 8 August.

Coast Guard Marine Environmental Command head Commodore Joel Garcia: "A leaking submarine pipeline belonging to Petron had caused the Manila Bay oil spill."

Investigators will have to determine where the leak came from, which includes an inspection of Petron’s pipeline.

Image: Petron’s underwater pipe leak caused an oil spill in Cavite. Photo courtesy of Svdmolen.