The Sri Lankan Government has invited oil companies to bid for new six ultra-deepwater blocks, which are available across areas of between 18,000km² and 26,000km² each around the country’s coastline.

Sri Lanka’s oil and gas regulatory body, the Petroleum Resources Development Secretariat (PRDS), said these six blocks will be awarded outside the current bid round and will be based on the experience and capability of the applicant, along with their proposed work commitment.

The basic framework for the agreement is a two year period of exclusivity for data acquisition, processing and interpretation, followed by a further one year for discussions with the PRDC on potential next steps.

On 29 August, PRDS will conduct a pre-bid clarification meeting in Colombo to discuss the format for submission of bids, data purchase requirements and availability of new data, among other matters.

PRDS, which launched the offshore tender in first half of 2013, extended the deadline for two months for the submission of bids, while the new deadline will now be 29 November 2013.

Taking into account the vintage and coverage of data in some blocks, PRDS is expected to accept a substantial data acquisition and interpretation programme as a substitute for a commitment well in phase one.

Image: The ultra-deepwater blocks will cover between 18,000km² and 26,000km² each. Photo courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.