North Rankin Redevelopment Project

Woodside Petroleum has announced the start-up of the A$5bn ($4.72bn) North Rankin redevelopment project in Western Australia.

The company has also exported gas to the Karratha gas plant.

As part of the project a second platform, North Rankin B, was constructed and installed, while the existing North Rankin A platform was modified and renovated.

The North Rankin B platform, which is located about 135km offshore of Karratha, will enable the recovery of approximately five trillion cubic feet of low pressure reserves from the North Rankin and Perseus fields.

Woodside chief executive officer Peter Coleman said the start-up, which took place as planned and on budget, demonstrates the company’s ability to execute complex projects on a global scale.

"Start-up is a major milestone given the complexities of integrating a new 65,000 tonne facility next to an existing offshore production platform," Coleman added.

"North Rankin B was constructed and installed, while the existing North Rankin A platform was modified."

The redevelopment will extend the resource life and is said to increase the value of the oil and gas project, while supporting the North West Shelf Project’s onshore gas commitments.

The project was developed by BHP Billiton Petroleum, BP Developments Australia, Chevron Australia, Japan Australia LNG (MIMI), Shell Development (Australia) and Woodside Energy, each holding a stake of 16.67%.

North Rankin redevelopment Project, which was approved by the North West Shelf Venture (NWSV) partners in March 2008, aims to pull out remaining low pressure gas from the ageing North Rankin and Perseus gas fields, extending the supply of gas for another 25 years.

Redevelopment is undertaken to extend the life of North Rankin and Perseus fields up to 2040.

Image: The $4.72bn North Rankin Redevelopment project is located about 135km offshore of Karratha.