Providence Resources could soon discover oil and gas in its Dalkey Island exploration prospect in the Kish Bank Basin, offshore eastern Ireland.

Data revealed the presence of a potential direct hydrocarbon indicator at the top of the primary Lower Triassic reservoir interval.

The prospect, which is located 10km offshore eastern Ireland in a water depth of 25m, is part of Licensing Option 08 / 2, which is held by Providence and Star Energy Group with a 50% share.

Providence recently commissioned a third party rock physics modelling and seismic inversion study over the Dalkey Island prospect.

Detailed petroleum systems analysis suggests the underlying Carboniferous section may also be prospective for oil.

The potential was highlighted by the 33 / 22-1 well, which encountered residual oil in the Upper Carboniferous sands.

Seismic mapping of the Upper Carboniferous area also showed a large structural trap directly underlying the Lower Triassic Dalkey Island prospect.