Nord Stream’s pipelay vessel Solitaire has finished work on the twin natural gas pipeline linking Russia to the European Union through the Baltic Sea.

More than 83,300 pipe segments were laid over a distance of 1,000km, marking the completion of two out of three sections of line 1.

The remaining section will be constructed by Saipem‘s pipelay vessel Castoro Sei by April this year.

Construction of line 1 will be completed when the central and south-western sections off the coast of Gotland, Sweden, are connected at a depth of 110m.

“The smooth running of our construction programme has been made possible by the meticulous planning of every aspect – technical, logistic, safety, environmental and operational – of this complex infrastructure project, which we developed in consultation with the authorities of all five countries through whose waters the pipeline will pass,” said Nord Stream deputy director of construction Ruurd Hoekstra.