Encore Oil has encountered hydrocarbons in the Tay and Cromarty Sandstone intervals of Catcher North appraisal well 28 / 9-3, which is located in UK Central North Sea block 28 / 9.

The well has extended the gross total hydrocarbon column in the Catcher area to 410ft, with a gas column of 75ft and an oil column of 335ft.

EnCore Oil said the estimated gas-oil contact at 4,350ft true vertical depth is in line with the data from the Catcher and Catcher East wells.

Similarly, the estimated oil-water contact is in line with the data observed in the Catcher discovery well and the Catcher South West side-track.

EnCore Oil CEO Alan Booth said that the results at Catcher North confirmed the firm’s previously held view that Catcher, Catcher East and Catcher North are probably a single accumulation.

“We now look forward to drilling the Burgman well, which along with the Varadero results, will help define the likely scale of the upcoming 28 / 9 development programme,” Booth said.