Statoil has officially opened the Tyrihans subsea field on the Norwegian Sea, offshore Trondheim, Norway.

The field has already produces 100,000 barrels per day, contributing to the total capacity for the export of oil and condensate from the Kristin platform.

Tyrihans comprises Tyrihans South, a gas-capped oilfield, and Tyrihans North, a gas and condensate field with a thin oil zone.

Tyrihans is tied back to the installations and infrastructure of the Kristin and Asgard fields on Haltenbanken.

The well stream is transported through a 43.6km-long pipeline to Kristin. Gas is exported from Kristin through the Asgard transport pipeline to the Karsto facility in Rogaland.

Development and Production Norway executive vice-president Oystein Michelsen said that Tyrihans will make a considerable contribution to the company’s production on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, which is strategically significant for the development of its activities in the Norwegian Sea.