Encore Oil has encountered hydrocarbons in the Burgman side-track well 28 / 9-4z on UK Continental Shelf Central North Sea block 28 / 9.

The oil and Gas pay was identified in the targeted Lower Tay sandstone interval.

The well was drilled directionally up to 64° to a total depth of 5,237ft, with analysis showing a net oil pay of 135ft over a gross reservoir interval of 135ft.

According to the company the pay has an average porosity of 38%, which is better than the original Burgman well.

The firm estimates a likely stock tank original oil in place of between 80 million barrels and 120 million barrels.

Block 28 / 9 is 35% owned by Premier Oil, 20% by Winstershall, 15% by EnCore Oil, which is also the operator, and 15% each by Nautical Petroleum and Agora Oil & Gas.