Production on the Njord platform, offshore Norway, has closed due to operational problems with gaskets in a gas export compressor, according to Statoil.

A gas leak was also discovered in one of the risers and the whole platform will remain closed until the cause of the leak is traced.

The Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority was informed about the gas leak, which was noticed on 24 April 2011, and constant monitoring and routine inspections are being carried out.

A riser inspection is being carried out at the Visund field, and production from the Njord and Visund fields is expected to start following the inspection.

Statoil shut production from the Njord field as a precautionary measure after internal damage to a flexible pipe was discovered on 1 April 2011 during riser inspections.

The Njord field resumed partial production on 16 April, but was shut down again on 24 April.