GE Oil & Gas has expanded its range of blow-out preventer (BOP) and remote monitoring and diagnostic (RM&D) technologies for the offshore drilling industry.

The newly launched products will help offshore drillers to increase equipment performance, safety and reliability, and optimise operational efficiency by improving life-cycle maintenance and reducing downtime.

The technologies include the Hydril Pressure Control Hydrostatic Pressure Assisted Shearing System, which can decrease the accumulator bottle count by up to 90% and be reset for repeated use without requiring intervention.

The company also launched the Oil & Gas Drilling iBox System, a hardware / software solution that allows operators to customise the existing data into useful information.

Also included in the new product portfolio are the Hydril Pressure Control RamTel Plus System, the Hydril Pressure Control ROV Subsea Display Panel and the Oil & Gas Black Box DDR System, which captures all information generated when operating the BOP control system.