Statoil has received permission to employ the Bideford Dolphin drill rig in the North Sea.

The work includes drilling, sidetrack drilling, plugging, completion and well interventions at the Oseberg, Vigdis, Tordis and Vigdis Nord Ost fields.

Statoil will first drill well 30 / 6-C-27 AH on Oseberg, then continue with two wells on Vigdis and well 30 / 9-J-14 AH on Oseberg Sor.

The company will then conduct activities on six templates on Vigdis and three templates on Tordis.

In addition, a permanent plugback of well 30 / 6-C-27 AH on Oseberg is also expected.

The drill rig will begin operations in June this year with scheduled completion for 2014, according to