PA Resources has confirmed the presence of an additional hydrocarbon column from an exploration well in the Broder Tuck prospect in the Danish sector of the North Sea.

Well 5504 / 20-4 was drilled using the Ensco rig in licence 12 / 06 and encountered hydrocarbon pay in the primary Middle Jurassic target.

An analysis of the samples has confirmed the hydrocarbons to be high quality gas with condensate of approximately 44° API gravity at a ratio of 80-90 barrels of condensate per million standard cubic feet of gas.

The well was suspended and the rig will move to drill the second exploration well, Lille John, which lies 8km to the south.

Licence 12 / 06 is owned by PA Resources with a 64% stake, Nordsofonden with 20% and Danoil Exploration and Spyker Energy with 8% each.