Energy company BP has adopted services from software company iRise with the intent of visualising and experiencing new software applications before development.

iRise said that it will be used to visualise proposed application functionality in the project definition phase, before any coding. Users will be able to interact with and experience visualisations of the proposed services and provide feedback in real time.

The application definition team at BP can then iterate to the right answer in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional methods, according to iRise.

According to iRise, as computer-aided design tools transform the automotive, aerospace and semiconductor industries, it is now transforming the global business application market.

CEO and co-founder of iRise Emmet Keeffe said: “We are elated that BP has declared its intent to standardise on iRise for its enterprise applications. This is further validation of our vision that very soon every software application will be visualised before coding. With visualisation, risk and cost associated can be reduced.”