Seismic technology manufacturer ION Geophysical has filed a lawsuit against WesternGeco in a US court with claims that the company has infringed a patent.

The lawsuit, which has been taken to the US District Court for the Southern District of Texas, claims that WesternGeco’s Q-Marine system, components and technology infringe ION Geophysical’s US patent related to steering devices and control systems for marine seismic streamers.

The lawsuit also claims that WesternGeco misappropriated ION Geophysical’s proprietary technology by using ION Geophysical’s technology in its patents and products, tortiously interfered with ION Geophysical’s customer contracts and breached a confidentiality agreement between the parties.

ION Geophysical is asking the court to stop WesternGeco from making, selling or using its Q-Marine system and components and any other infringing products, as well as for monetary damages.

ION Geophysical filed the lawsuit after attempts to negotiate a licensing arrangement with WesternGeco were unsuccessful and WesternGeco filed a preemptive lawsuit against ION Geophysical, claiming that ION Geophysical infringed several patents that were issued to WesternGeco after ION Geophysical’s ‘992 patent was issued.

In response to the lawsuit filed by WesternGeco, ION Geophysical has asked the court to declare that the WesternGeco patents are not infringed and are invalid.

ION Geophysical is also asserting that the lawsuit against it by WesternGeco is an illegal attempt to restrict competition in the market for marine seismic surveys performed using laterally steerable streamers.

Based on ION Geophysical’s review of the lawsuit and the patents at issue, ION Geophysical believes that the claims brought by WesternGeco are without merit and intends to defend the claims against it vigorously, the company said.