AFREN and its partner Oriental Energy Resources have announced the start of drilling work at the Ebok-5 well, offshore Nigeria, kicking off the field’s first phase of development.

Initial development phase drilling targets include testing the upside potential at the LD1E, D1, and D2 reservoir horizons and Ebok-6 well to test the upside potential from a down-dip expansion of the D2 reservoir.

The initial development phase is expected to deliver 15,000bopd production in H1 2010, with plans reach 35,000bopd by end of 2010.

Other drilling targets involve five horizontal production wells in the D2 reservoir and one horizontal production well in the D1 reservoir.

After completion of the initial horizontal wells on the Fault Block 1 & 2 regions, Afren said it plans to target the upside in the D2 Southern Lobe.

The company then hopes to drill three more horizontal production wells in addition to one water injection well drilled from the wellhead support structure.

The second development phase will involve full development of Fault Block West and the D1 reservoir.