Seismic data processing company Spectrum and Madagascar’s state agency for upstream activities OMNIS have signed an agreement to reprocess 6,000km of seismic data.

Spectrum’s role involves creating new datasets for open licensing blocks offshore the east and south coasts, and the west coast where a long line ties awarded and open blocks.

The surveys cover data in areas over the Majunga and Morondava basins, the Cap Sainte-Marie and Ile Sainte-Marie (St Mary’s Island).

Spectrum’s EVP of multi-client services Charles Harmer said that earlier analysis of these surveys demonstrates potential for the occurrence of hydrocarbons.

“We believe that reprocessing this data with Spectrum’s specialist seismic processing and imaging techniques will improve the quality and definition of the vintage data, particularly in less understood areas such as Cap St Marie basin and Ile St Marie,” Harmer said.