Proserv Offshore has secured a subsea cutting contract from SapuraAcergy and Nippon Steel for the decommissioning of the eight-legged, 20,735t Iwaki platform jacket off Japan’s north-east coast.

The Iwaki wellhead production platform, which is situated in 154m of water, is one of the largest in the Asia-Pacific region scheduled for decommissioning.

Proserv‘s work involves cutting the jacket to 16,000t so that a heavy-lift vessel, can lift and deploy it to the seabed, establishing an artificial reef.

All cutting equipment and services including internal, external and specialised abrasive cutting systems, and 80in diamond wire cutting tools will be provided by Proserv’s Asia Pacific operations.

SapuraAcergy’s remotely operated vehicles will be used to deploy the equipment underwater.

The project is scheduled to start in March 2010.