The Danish Underground Consortium’s (Duc) oil and condensate production from Denmark’s portion of the North Sea has increased, according to Danish operator AP Møller-Maersk.

Production has gone up by 3.8% in December 2009 to 230,900bpd, compared with 222,400bpd in November. Oil production in December 2008 stood at 248,800bpd, AP Møller-Maersk said.

DUC’s natural gas output from the North Sea increased to 710 million cubic metres in December, compared with 680 million cubic metres recorded in November, reports Reuters.

The DUC’s natural gas output in December 2008 was 810 million cubic metres.

DUC manages a large chunk of crude oil production from Denmark’s North Sea oil and gas fields. Denmark stands in third place in terms of production in Western Europe after Norway and Britain.

AP Møller-Maersk holds 39% stake in DUC, Royal Dutch Shell has a 46% stake and Chevron a 15% stake.