BP said it has managed to siphon 40% of the Deepwater Horizon oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico, more than double the oil it was able to capture on Monday.

The riser insertion tube tool (RITT) containment system that was put into place in the end of the leaking riser is operational, and is estimated to be collecting and carrying about 2,000bpd of oil to flow 5,000ft up to the drillship Discoverer Enterprise on the water surface.

Produced oil is being stored on the drillship while produced gas is being flared, the company said in a statement.

BP said it is also considering options to completely shut off the flow from the well.

Meanwhile, the total bill for the oil spill clean-up has risen to $625m, which includes the spill response, containment, relief-well drilling, grants to the Gulf Coast states, settlements and US federal costs.

The company said that 15,600 claims have been filed so far, out of which 2,700 have been paid.