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Aker Solutions has secured a contract from Statoil to deliver wire line tractor services on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Under the terms of the four year agreement, the company will use its proprietary wire line tractor technology and wire line tractor application tools to deliver well intervention services.

The contract period runs from 2013 to 2017 and has two additional two-year options.

The company also said it will provide wireline tractor services to the platforms that Statoil operates out of Stavanger, Norway, including Statfjord, Volve, Sleipner, Snorre, Gudrun, Dagny and Ermintrude.

Under the agreement, Aker Solutions will deliver wire line tractor services to Morvin field, Åsgard field, Trestakk field, Kristin field, Heidrun field, Norne field, Njord, Tyrihans, Mikkel, Yttergryta, Alve, Urd, Aasta Hansteen, Snøhvit and Hyme located in the Norwegian Sea.

Aker Solutions will generate revenues in excess of NOK 100m($17.46m) each year, due to the current contract.

The contract has an option to deliver wireline tractor services from mobile drilling and light well intervention units as part of the agreement with Statoil operating out of Stavanger.

Wolfgang Puennel, Aker Solutions head of well intervention services, said Statoil has a recovery rate of 50% on its fields.

"They now have an ambition of increasing that to 60%. Both these figures are quite remarkable," said Puennel.

"We look forward to continue supporting Statoil in reaching their ambitious recovery rate target."

Aker Solutions’ Scandinavian well service business head Rolf Leknes said: "Statoil’s ability to reach industry-leading recovery rates of oil and gas is supported by their willingness to utilise technologies such as the wireline tractor."

Aker Solutions wire line tractor services at Forus, Stavanger, Norway, will deliver the contract; Aker Solutions’ contract party is Aker well service.

Image: Aker Solutions wins contract to provide wire line tractor services on the Norwegian continental shelf. Photo courtesy of Aker Solutions.