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Brent futures rose by 40 cents to $108.57 per barrel after the slowdown which occured yesterday, aided by news of a jobs data report from the US and further speculation about stimulus leads pertaining to a European Central Bank policy meeting today.

Oil markets also secured stability from the equity markets as Japanese stocks rose and the broader market indicator held at a steady state.

NYMEX crude for November delivery gained 23 cents to $88.37 a barrel following its lowest drop since 3 August yesterday.

US jobs data revealed private employers created more jobs in September 2012 and new orders showed that there was a slight improvement in the service sector.

More than 113,000 jobs were added by employers to their payrolls, an increase from 96,000 in August 2012.

Markets were also affected after Turkey’s military hit targets inside Syria after a mortar bomb fired from a Syrian territory led to the death of five Turkish civilians, reports Reuters.

Image: European Central Bank building in Frankfurt, Germany. Photo courtesy of ArcCan.