US-based Halliburton used an Enhanced Single-Trip Multizone (ESTMZ) FracPac System to complete three wells in deepwater of the Gulf of Mexico.

Developed in collaboration with Chevron, Halliburton‘s ESTMZ downhole tool system allows the operator to stimulate and gravel pack multiple production zones in a single trip.

The ESTMZ system, which has been designed for use in deepwater and ultra-deepwater offshore completions, allows the highest treating rate with the greatest volume of proppant in the industry, according the company.

The time savings accomplished for the three Chevron-operated wells using the ESTMZ system averaged 18 days, which is equal to about $22m.

The solution also provided wellbore assurance through various key operations, such as wellbore cleanout, completion services, pumping and fluids, for the completion of the three wells.

"The time savings accomplished for the three Chevron-operated wells using the ESTMZ system averaged 18 days."

Halliburton Southern and Gulf of Mexico regions senior vice president Ron Shuman said the system allows the operator to stimulate more reservoir in less time, increase efficiency, reliability and production, which are critical for the success of the Lower Tertiary.

"In addition, this system allows us to deliver a very aggressive stimulation with rates up to 45 barrels per minute and volumes greater than 400,000 pounds of 16/30 high strength proppant," Shuman added.

"We deliver this with weighted frac fluid and 10,000 horsepower per interval for up to five intervals, providing a total cumulative proppant volume of greater than two million pounds per well with one service tool."

Shuman noted that multiple runs in and out of the wellbore equates to a large expense for operators. The ‘single trip’ element of the system saves time with improved reliability and better asset optimisation. Halliburton, has so far deployed about 20 ESTMZ systems around the globe, including the Asia Pacific region.

Image: The ESTMZ system can be used for deepwater and ultra-deepwater offshore completions. Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos / num_skyman.