Occidental Petroleum of Qatar (Oxy Qatar), a subsidiary of the US-based Occidental Petroleum, and state-owned Qatar Petroleum have signed an agreement to further develop the Idd El Shargi North Dome Field (ISND), offshore of Qatar, as part of a phase five field development plan (FDP).

The development activities, which are expected to attract investment of more than $3bn, will include improving water-flooding practices in all oil producing reservoirs.

Work under the phase five FDP will also involve drilling of more than 200 additional production, water injection and water source wells, as well as installation of associated facilities to support the wells.

Oxy Qatar said the work at the field has already started and will continue to produce oil at about 100,000 barrels/day during the next six years.

The scope of the project includes facilities platforms, wellhead jackets, fluid processing equipment and pipeline debottlenecking and water source projects, pilot studies to support produced water re-injection and enhanced oil recovery projects.

The companies will further optimise long-term production and recoverable reserves during the implementation of phase five.

The ISND phase five FDP has been prepared by the companies as per the development and production sharing agreement between the Qatari Government and Oxy Qatar, signed in July 1994.

Oxy Qatar will also operate the Idd El Shargi South Dome Field (ISSD) and the Al Rayyan Field in Block 12, in partnership with Dolphin Energy, under separate contractual deals.

Image: Map showing the North Dome Field in Qatar. Photo courtesy of US Energy Information Administration.