Petróleo Brasileiro

Petróleo Brasileiro recorded a 4.8% rise in international oil production in September, compared to the previous month.

The Brazilian company, also known as Petrobras, said its total production abroad was 249,826 boe/day, indicating a 4.8% rise when compared to the previous month.

The company said the average exclusive oil production reached 148,499 barrels / day from operations abroad in September, which is a 0.9% rise when compared to August.

Average production from operations in Brazil stood at 2,222,387 boe/day, which is a 3.7% drop from August.

Natural gas production was 17,216,000 cubic metres/day, an 11.2% rise from August.

Petrobras’s total production in Brazil consisted of 1,843,000 barrels a day (bpd), which were exclusively of oil. This is a 4.4% fall from August.

The drop was attributed to scheduled shutdowns of P-52 at Roncador field and P-19 at Marlim field, which began in August.

Petrobras said FPSO Cidade de Anchieta went on stream at the Baleia Azul field, off the coast of Espírito Santo state. It has the capacity to produce up to 100,000bpd during peak production, expected during the upcoming months.

Domestic natural gas production, without liquefied gas, stood at 60,343,000 cubic metres in September, which is 0.3% higher than the production in August.

The start of production at the Chinook field in the Gulf of Mexico and higher demand for Bolivian gas has been attributed to the rise in oil and gas production from overseas operations.

Petrobras’s total production of the concessions it is operator of stood at 8,495,401.07 cubic metres of oil and 2,119,682.51 cubic metres of gas in September 2012, as disclosed to Brazil’s National Petroleum Agency.

Image: The Seillean, on location at the Roncador field, carrying out early production.