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Abu Dhabi National Energy (TAQA) has announced that its development plan for Blocks 210/29a and 210/30a in the Cladhan field, in the northern North Sea, have been approved by the UK Government.

TAQA said the initial phase of development will involve two producer wells and one injection well.

Cladhan field, which is expected to begin oil production in the first quarter of 2015, is expected to produce more than 17,000 boe/d initially.

The company will tie back the production to its Tern Alpha platform, which is located 17.5km north-east of the Cladhan field.

Oil production from the two producers will be combined with the production from other fields, routed over the Tern platform and exported to Sullom Voe through the Brent Oil Line.

Tern Alpha is a fixed installation, which serves as a manned drilling and production installation for the Tern field, in block 210/25 in the East Shetland Basin of the northern North Sea.

"TAQA said the initial phase of development will involve two producer wells and one injection well."

The platform also serves as a production facility for the Hudson and Kestrel fields.

TAQA UK business managing director Leo Koot said the Cladhan development is the third field that the company has developed and the largest project to date.

"Developing Cladhan as a tie back to Tern supports TAQA’s strategy to invest in our infrastructure as we recognise the crucial part it plays in allowing us to maximise recovery from the northern North Sea," Koot added.

In October 2010, Encore Oil announced that it had found oil at a second Cladhan sidetrack well located in the UK North Sea.

The well 210 / 29a-4Y was drilled to a total measured depth of 11,530ft about one kilometre south-east of the original 2008 discovery well.

Image: Tern Alpha platform – North Sea, UK. Photo courtesy of TAQA.