Wireline tractor

Staoil has awarded Welltec and Aker Well Services a contract to provide wire line tractor services for Statoil-operated fields on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS).

The contract with Welltec stands at $94m (NOK 540m) and Aker Well Services contract at $65m (NOK 400m).

The companies will provide solutions for equipment deployment and maintenance in horizontal wells on more than 40 installations on the NCS.

Statoil drilling and well head Oystein Arvid Haland said the wireline tractor services represent a vital and cost effective tool for maintenance of the company’s horizontal wells.

"Maintenance and repair of wells is one of the most important measures we have to increase recovery," Haland added.

In the total cash consideration, Welltec’s contract amounts to 40% of the scope and includes installations operated from Bergen: Gullfaks, Huldra, Kvitebjørn, Visund, Veslefrikk, Valemon, Oseberg, Brage, Troll, Grane, Heimdal, Gullfaks SAT, Oseberg SAT, Vega, Tune, Fram, Vestflanken (Troll), Vale, Vilje and Bygve / Skirne.

Aker Well Service’s contract, however, amounts to 30% of the scope and includes installations operated from Stavanger, Stjørdal and Harstad: Statfjord, Volve, Sleipner, Snorre, Gudrun, Dagny (including Ermintrude), Morvin, Åsgard, Trestakk, Kristin, Heidrun / SAT, Norne / SAT, Njord, Tyrihans, Mikkel, Yttergryta, Alve, Urd, Aasta Hansteen, Snøhvit and Hyme.

The remaining 30% will be an optional scope which includes mobile drilling, completion and intervention units on the NCS operated from the Stavanger office, where all prequalified suppliers are evaluated and chosen on a job-by-job basis.

The contract duration will run from 1 February 2013 until 31 January 2017 and Statoil has secured two two-year options on each contract.

Image: Sample of wireline tractor, is five metres long and weighs 140kg. Photo courtesy of Welltec.