US-based Zetron‘s advanced TETRA technology has enabled the coordination of safety and operational communications within the remote Exxon Neftegas Chayvo oil field on Sakhalin Island, off the Russian east coast.

"The supply and build-out of the communications network was carried out by Zetron’s integration partner SAGA."

The technology has now connected the oil field’s production platform, onshore processing facility and oil terminal with Zetron DCS-5020 Digital Consoles, linked by E1 circuits.

The advanced digital consoles give operators control over all marine-band UHF, air-band VHF and MTM700 TETRA radios, as well as land-line telephony.

It also deployed Zetron Model 390 remote desktop controllers on the oil field’s production platform, to give workers and safety staff fully-functional access to the TETRA network without the risk of localised RF energy causing an explosion.

The supply and build-out of the communications network was carried out by Zetron’s integration partner SAGA.

SAGA’s Mikhail Rybachenkov said the key pieces of Zetron technology have enabled the company to deliver a very capable solution to Exxon Neftegas.

"Every day, this solution helps ensure the safety and efficiency of operations in this very challenging environment," Rybachenkov added.

The DCS-5020 Digital Consoles also allows control of conferencing, patching, memory dialling, alarm monitoring, alpha-searching of a directory and emergency group calling through a touch-screen.

Sakhalin Island, located to the north of the Japanese island of Hokkaido, is 948km long from north to south, and 27-160km wide from east to west.

The island is a mountainous environment with a climate of extremes, reaching minus 50 degrees Celcius in the winter with up to five metres of snow and 40 degrees Celcius with very high humidity in the summer.

In 1880, oil was discovered in the Chayvo oil field, north of the Sakhalin island, and it is expected to hold a potential recoverable reserves of 307 million tons of oil and 485 billion cubic metres of gas in the field.