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Offshore Technology

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Seplat Energy considers acquisition of Exxon's Nigerian offshore assets

Exxon intends to shift its primary focus towards profitable projects by selling its assets in Nigeria.


Data analytics hiring levels in the offshore industry rose in October 2021
The proportion of offshore oil and gas industry operations and technologies companies hiring for data analytics related positions rose in October 2021

Filings buzz in oil and gas industry: 35% increase in digitalisation mentions in Q2 of 2021
Mentions of digitalisation within the filings of companies in the oil and gas industry rose 35% between the first and second quarters of 2021.

Filings buzz in oil and gas industry: 32% increase in cybersecurity mentions since Q2 of 2020
Mentions of cybersecurity within the filings of companies in the oil and gas industry rose 25% between the first and second quarters of 2021.


N05-A Gas Field, Dutch North Sea
N05-A will be the first offshore gas platform in the Dutch North Sea to entirely depend on wind energy for its operations.

Goldeneye Gas Field Decommissioning, Central North Sea
The Goldeneye gas condensate field in the central North Sea will be decommissioned in four phases.

Balder Future Project, North Sea, Norway
The Balder Future Project will help increase oil recovery from the Balder oil and gas field in the Norwegian North Sea.

CO2 Capture, Storage & Reuse 2022

17 May - 18 May

  |  Organiser: FORTES Media Group Sp. z o.o.


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Press Releases

Arjay Engineering’s New Controller Feature Displays Level and Oil Thickness
The enhanced controller software connects to Arjay’s Floating Oil Thickness Sensor and any third-party level device for a cost-effective approach to monitoring oil thickness and level.

GCL Lands Fuel Gas Booster Compressor Contract in Ireland
Gas Compressors Ltd has been awarded the engineering contract for a fuel gas booster, to be installed at Blanchardstown, County Dublin.

The Right Coach: Why Technology Alone is Never Enough
It turns out that what championship teams really have in common often isn’t based solely on their philosophies, but on how those philosophies align with those called upon to lead and execute the chosen game plan.


Specialty Metal Products for Oil and Gas Applications
Our high-quality metal products offer maximum wear, pressure and corrosion resistance for extended product life, reduced downtime and maintenance costs in extreme environments.

Bi-Monthly Disruptor Roundup – Energy and Utilities – Aug and Sept 2021

Gas Compressors Project Profile
Gas Compressors Ltd (GCL) is a packaging company specialising in manufacturing custom-built gas compressor and booster packages.

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Offshore Technology