• Making Light of Heavy Oil

    The high viscosity of heavy oil makes it extremely problematic to transport by pipe. However, a study by A Bensakhria, Y Peysson and G Antonini of the Institut Français du...

  • Managing Risk Through IT

    Recent reports have shown record earnings by oil and gas companies. Ernst & Young's Steven Pegolo and Donald Gauci advise investing the extra revenue in IT.

  • Norway Gets Serious About Safety

    The Norwegian petroleum industry is committed to continual improvement in health, safety and environmental standards. It is also focused on the development of innovative techniques to ensure that this improvement...

  • Robust Rig Design

    When Hurricane Ivan hit the Gulf of Mexico it caused massive disruptions to the production of oil and gas. World Expro asks Frank Glaviano of EP Americas and Chuck Schoenagel...

  • Russian Tragedy

    Steven M Theede, CEO of the Yukos oil company, relates how the company fell foul of the Russian authorities. He describes how the company is attempting to rebuild itself.

  • Angola’s Girassol Project Underway

    Total Fina Elf tells World Expro how the development of Angola's Girassol oil reserve is pressing ahead. Meanwhile, the technical and organisational challenges posed by this field are being steadily...

  • Facing Up to New Challenges

    Assessing the state of the oil and gas industry, the prospects are good, but the challenges are considerable. Jeroen van der Veer, chief executive, Royal Dutch/Shell Group, elaborates.