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Super-Mini, T-Type, In-Line and Compact, High-Pressure Filter Housings
Real-Time Spatial Data Packages for Offshore Applications
Corrosion Protection Products for Oil and Gas Pipelines
Scaffolding and Access Consultancy / Management Services
Air Valves for Seawater Duty
Offshore Lifts for Men and Materials
Ppm Oil in Water Analyzers, Monitors and Control Instruments
Oil and Gas Measurement / Control Solutions
Modular and Single-Lift E-Houses, Living Quarters and Multi-Purpose Buildings and Cabins
Worldwide Engineering and Welding for the Offshore Industry
Offshore Gas Turbine Filtration, Noise Control and Support Services
Air Quality Consulting Services for the Coal Seam, Shale and Conventional Oil and Gas Industries
Insulation and Asset Protection Systems for Offshore Applications
Hydraulic / Industrial Hoses and Fittings
Subsea Markers, Anti-Fouling Signs, Oilfield Nameplates and Underwater Adhesives
Specialists in Modeling Analysis and Simulation of Dynamic Systems
Leak and Friction-Reducing Oil Additives
Long-lasting Lighting Solutions for the Offshore Industry
Specialist Service Vessel Chartering
KVM Connectivity Solutions for Offshore Energy Industries
UV Treatment Equipment for the Oil and Gas Sector
Flexible Metallic Hoses and Tubing Solutions for Offshore Projects
Customised Rugged Computers for Marine Oil Rig Applications
Connecting Operations, Maintenance, and Engineering Stakeholders Throughout the Asset Lifecycle
Instrumental Gas Testing and Analysis for Marine Applications
Versatile Components and Materials for the Offshore Sector
Comprehensive Supplier of Oil and Gas Industry Equipment and Components
Bespoke Pumping Technology for Marine Applications
Thermal, Acoustic and Cryogenic Insulation Systems for the Oil and Gas Industry
XE Enhanced Safety Aluminium Helidecks, Helideck Support Frames and Offshore Structures
Chemical Additives for Oil Processing Facilities
Fiber-Optic Cabling Solutions for Offshore, Marine and Subsea Environments
Cultural Heritage Management
Firefighting and Fire Suppression Solutions
Flow Control Valves, Actuators, Pressure Regulators and Filters
Electric-Powered Remote-Operated Vessels
Document Control System and Management System
Engineering, Design Services and Process Equipment Manufacturing
Aluminium Modular Living Quarters
Valves, Raw Materials, Pipes and Fittings for Industrial Applications
Distributor of Flanges, Valves and Piping Materials
Tailored Heavy Lifting and Materials Handling Equipment for the Offshore Industry
Strain Gauge Transducers for Load Monitoring Applications
Software for Onshore and Offshore Design, Construction and Facility Support
Infrastructure Protection, Shielding Technology and Pipeline Rehabilitation
Rental Air Compressors, Steam Generators, Heat Exchangers, Sand Filters and Air Treatment Ancillaries
Pipeline Inspection, Engineering and Leak Detection Equipment
Accommodation Units, Helidecks and Topside Modules for the Offshore Industry
Composite Pipe Support Technology
Risk Management and Loss Prevention Solutions
Private Maritime Security
Air Dryers and Compressors
Nitrogen Generation Systems and Portable Air Compressors
Delivering Offshore Decommissioning Expertise and Solutions
Design and Engineering Services for Offshore and Subsea Applications
Comprehensive Electrical Solutions for Marine Vessels
Helideck Monitoring Systems and Offshore Environmental Monitoring Systems
Rig Preparation and Pipeline Laying Services
Sales, Testing and Rental of Marine and Offshore Mooring Equipment
Supply and Inspection of Lifting Equipment
Specialist Machinery Manufacturer and Repairer
Specialists in all Alloy and Carbon Steel Piping and Welding
High-Tech Ceramic Products for the Offshore and Subsea Industry
Pumps for the Oil and Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical and Process Industries
Upstream Sealing Solutions
Electro and Hydraulic Control Systems and Accessories to the Oil and Gas Industry
Engineered Auxetic Technology for Safety and Industrial Fabric and Materials
Advanced Corrosion Protection and Flow Enhancement
Global Transportation and Lifting Services
Fabrication and Construction Services for the Oil and Gas Industry
Accelerating Team Performance
Onsite HSE Staffing, Support and Training
Specialist in Flexible Hoses, Fittings, Sealings and Gaskets for the Offshore
Ultrasonic Metal Improvement with Patented Ultrasonic Impact Technology
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals, O-Rings and Oil Seals
Oil-In-Water Analysers
Industrial Fluid Filtration and Purification Specialists
Gaskets and Sealing Products for Industrial Applications
Innovation and Quality when Designing, Developing and Manufacturing Gloves
Custom-Made Steel Offshore Containers
Advanced Non-Destructive Testing Specialists, AUT Scanners and Inspection Services
Sound Insulating Enclosures, Doors, Louvers and Silencers
Interlock Systems for the Offshore Industry
Emergency and Safety Training for the Offshore Industry
Oil and Gas Consulting Engineering Services
Specialist Industrial Valves for the Offshore Industry
MetOcean Data Systems
Cleaning and Maintenance of Air Ducts, HVAC, Air Treatment Systems and Cooling Towers
Marine Engineering and Fabrication for the Oil and Gas Sector
Offshore Corrosion Detection and Prevention Services
Control Systems and Instruments for Oil, Water and Gas
Aluminium and Zinc Sacrificial Anodes for the Offshore Industry
Underwater Hull Cleaning, Inspection, Surveys and Repairs for Vessels
Shipbuilding, Repairs and Chartering Services
Optical Flame and Gas Detection Systems
Compressors, Dryers and Nitrogen Generators
Power Systems for the Offshore Industry
Energy Facility Access, Inspection and Maintenance Services
Grit and Bead-Blasting Preparation and Anti-Corrosion Protective Coating
Oil and Gas Equipment Design, Engineering and Prototyping
Petrochemical Structural and Piping Projects
Welding Technology, Weld Overlay / Cladding and Engineering
Weld Overlay Clad Products, Fabrications and Services
Specialty Metals and Alloys
Water Jet Cutting Units, Cutting Tables and Manipulation Systems
Hydraulic Linear Winches
Valves, Piping Systems and Connectors for the Offshore, LDPE/EVA and UREA Industry
Handling Tools for Offshore and Onshore Oilfield Drilling
Chemical, Petrochemical and Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacture
Sustainable, High-Performance Tubular Protectors for Offshore Pipelines
PLATULAR® All-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers
Robust Cables for Marine and Offshore Applications
Design and Construction of Process Equipment for the Offshore Industry
Ball Valve for Offshore Pipeline Systems
Safe Chemical Solutions for Cleaning Applications in the Offshore Industry
Environmentally Friendly Pollution Alleviation Products for Offshore Applications
High Performance HVOF Applied Tungsten Carbide Coatings and Plasma Sprayed Ceramic Coatings
Specialist Blasting Services and Equipment for Offshore Operators
Specialist Inspection and Consulting Services for Offshore Operators
Aluminium Structures for the Offshore Industry
Cutting-Edge Sonar and Navigation Equipment for Subsea Environments
Comprehensive Biofouling and Invasive Marine Species Management and Mitigation Services
Drive and Control Solutions for Marine and Offshore Applications
Crane Operator Training and Crane Accident Investigations
FPSOs and Single-Point Mooring Systems
Fire, Acoustic, Cryogenic and Thermal Insulation and Passive Fire Protection
Offshore High-Integrity Bolting, Fasteners, Studbolts and Nuts
Satellites and Telecommunication Networks for Maritime Vessels
Water Injection Filters and Water Treatment Filters
Sacrificial Anodes for Cathodic Protection
Welding Consumables for the Offshore Industry
Riserless Subsea Intervention Services
Cold-Formed Steel and Metal Components
Clad Pipes, Longitudinally Welded Pipes and Spools
bondura® Pivot Pin Technology for Offshore Industrial Applications
Offshore Containers, Skips, Baskets, Tanks, Accommodation and Chillers
Heavy Lift Cargo Services for the Offshore Industry
Custom-Designed Turnkey Skids, Compressors and Dryers for the Offshore Industry
Highest-Integrity Mechanical Connectors for the Harshest Environments
High Performance Steel Wire and Fibre Rope Solutions
High-End Seamless Communication Solutions for Hazardous Areas
Bolting Materials for the Energy Industry
Safety Critical Solutions and Fire Prevention Systems
Syngeryn Engine Combustion Enhancers
Offshore and Arctic Cable Management Systems
Oil Spill Response Equipment and Services
Hot-Forged Special Bolts, Upset Forging and Drop Forging
Metal and Mechanical Construction and Engineering
Steel Plates for the Offshore Industry
Filters and Filtration Systems for Offshore Platforms and FPSOs
Offshore Fire Protection Equipment and Services
Customised Manufacturing and Servicing of Power Electronics Equipment
Electro-Technical Offshore Supplier
Personnel Transfer Equipment for Offshore and Emergency Applications
Trusted Process Knowledge Provider for the Oil and Gas Industry
Electric Installation and Services Provider
Low Voltage Control Equipment, Site Surveys and Product Maintenance
Offshore Equipment Design and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering and Fabrication Services
Leading Provider of Chemical and Innovative Plastics Solutions
Offshore Oil and Gas Marine and Subsea Services
Remote Manual Valve Control Systems for the Offshore Industry
Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensing Systems
Nickel Alloy, Titanium, Stainless, Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy and Incoloy Sheet and Plate Materials
Custom-Designed Winches and Lifting Products
Safety and Noise Control Container Modules
3D CAD Software for Offshore Construction
Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Courses for the Offshore Industry
Offshore Surface Treatment, Fire Proofing, Insulation and Specialist Engineering Services
Steel and Modular Structure Fabrication
Protection Against Premature Metal Failure and Corrosion
Automatic Control Valves
Double Block and Bleed Plug Valves and Rising Stem Ball Valves for the Offshore Industry
Authorised Shell Marine Lubricants Distributor in South Africa
Noise Assessment and Subsea Leak Detection Systems
VCI Corrosion Inhibitors, Hydrotest Additives and Coatings for Offshore Corrosion Protection
Offshore Marine Support Services
Sales and Rental for the African Oil and Gas Industry
Telecommunications, Test Equipment Solutions and Project Management
RAE Systems Wireless and VOC Gas Detection Specialists
Marine Engineering Solutions for the Oil and Gas Sector
Products for Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Specialist HDPE Pipe-Joining Equipment for the Marine Sector
Semi-Finished Non-Ferrous Metals
Pipeline Flanges and Components for the Offshore Industry
Offshore and Subsea Drilling, Production, and Processing Equipment and Services
Marine Foundation and Offshore Geotechnical Engineering Services
Rental Containers, Equipment and Facilities for the Energy Sector
Modular Trailers, Self-Propelled Transporters and Material Handling Equipment
Specialist Training and Consultancy Services for the Industrial and Oil and Gas Sectors
Lockout Equipment for Energy Sources
Oil and Gas Pipeline Coatings, Adhesives and Field Weld Joint Protection
Rental Portable Onshore and Offshore Chemical Tanks
Pipe Spool Fabrication, Pressure Vessels and Skid-Mounted Modules for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
High-Traction Safety Mats and Systems
Connectors and Cable Assemblies
High-Quality DNV2.7-1 and EN12079-Certified Offshore Containers
Power Quality Solutions and Active Dynamic Filters
Specialist Equipment and Services to Pipeline Industry
LED Marine Signal Lanterns, Lamp Changers and Related LED Marine Aids
Engineering, Simulation and Leak Testing Services
Analysis of IT Equipment for the Offshore Industry
Terminating Cables, Cleats, Connectors and Cable Sealants
Risk Management, Security and Safety Services
Industrial and Technical Gloves
Consultants and Recruitment for Offshore Facilities
Valve and Instrument Distribution for the Offshore Industry
Lead Ballast Weights and Lead Radiation Shielding
Fire Safety Design
Pipeline and Construction Equipment and Support
Offshore Network Coverage in Extreme Environments
Project Management, Consultancy, Engineering, and Design Services for the Oil and Gas Industry
Oil and Gas Infrastructure Cables
Robust Hang-Off Systems and Subsea Cable Protection Systems for Offshore Oil and Gas Units
Positioning and Navigation Software and Hardware Products
Supplier of Pumps, Pump Servicing and Customised Pump Solutions
Subsea Robotic Systems and Seafloor Drills
Safety Training Solutions for Offshore Sites
DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 Offshore Containers for Sale and Rent, Worldwide Delivery
Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRUs) for Onshore and Offshore Markets
Onsite Medical, Health, Safety, and Environmental Technicians for Oilfields
Ocean Transportation and Installation of On and Offshore Components
Land and Maritime Security
Offshore Insulation Jackets
Turnkey Compressor Anti-Surge and Gas / Steam Turbine Control Systems
Inspection of Lifting Equipment and Non-Destructive Examination
Floating Accommodation Units and Vessels
Separation Specialists for the Oil and Gas Industry
Engineers and Contractors for the Oil and Gas Industry
United States Equipment Sales and Container Modifications
Global Supplier / Trader of Pipes and Steel Products
Fixed and Portable Gas Detection Equipment
ISO / DNV2.7-1 Offshore Containers for Sale and Rent
Offshore Filter Systems for Turbomachinery
Custom-Made Offshore Containers, Repair, Modification and Preparation
Total Care Solutions for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
Waste Heat Recovery Systems
High-Performance Filters for Air and Gases
Air / Mixed Gas and Saturation Diving Services, ROV Services, Pipeline Trenching and Hydrostatic Pipeline Testing
MEMS Accelerometers and Sensing Products for Offshore Drilling
Pioneers in the Treatment of Oilfield Wastewater
High Visibility, Non Toxic, Anti-Fouling Underwater Markers
Wear and Chemical-Resistant Oil Field Components
French Language Courses for Oil and Gas Industry Professionals
ROVs for Submarine Surveys and Operations
Non-Sparking, Non-Magnetic, Corrosion-Resistant, Safe Hand Tools
Complete Construction Services
Load Analysis of Structures
High-Quality Surface and Subsea Equipment for Offshore Sites
Gas and Fire Detection, Safety Equipment and Specialised Offshore Training
Digital HSE Solutions for the Offshore Maritime Industry
Pipe Clamp Connectors and On-Site Machining Services
Derrick and Mast Fabrication, Modifications, Repairs, API Inspections and Rope Access Services
Offshore and Onshore Hoses for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry
Underwater Air lift Bags and Proof Load Testing Water Weight Bags
Optical Flame Detection, Combustible and Toxic Gas Detection, and Safety Systems
Underwater ROVs for Offshore Infrastructure Inspections
CCTV Solutions for Land and Offshore Rigs
All-In-One Offshore Risk-Management System
Custom-Engineered, Specialty, Dynamic and Static Cable Systems
Fire Fighting Foam and Foam Equipment
Software-Based Safety Training for the Oil and Gas Industry
Seismic Data Solutions
Escape Systems for the Offshore Industry
Flange Protection Products
Comprehensive Welding Solutions for Offshore Applications
Lightweight Offshore Ropes
Filtration Equipment Designed and Manufactured for the Oil and Gas Industry
Topside Equipment for Well Intervention and Plug & Abandonment Operations
Offshore Vessel Support and Inspection Services
Greenship Waste Handling Systems
TETRA Communication Solutions for Offshore Operations
Cut and Abrasion-Resistant Hand Protection for Offshore Applications
Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions for the Offshore Industry
Deepwater Dredging Systems
Offshore and Subsea Fluid Swivel and Transfer Solutions
Technical Advisory Services for the Offshore Industry
Electro-Hydraulic Engineering Systems, Products and Services
Pipe Clamps and Components for the Offshore Industry
Cable Carousels
Water Jetting Equipment
Automated Pipe Welding Services
Reliable Underwater Wireless Modems
Learning and Development Programmes for Safety and Operations
Turnkey Prefabricated and Steel Building Solutions
Integrated Waste Management Concepts for the Offshore Industry
Air / Mixed Gas and Saturation Diving Services, Construction and Laying of Pipelines and Mine Clearance
Load Monitoring Equipment
Modelling Simulation Software for Offshore Applications
Hydraulic Marine Cranes and Equipment
Management Systems Certification
Oilfield Products for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries
Advanced Water Purification and Separation Technologies
Hoisting and Lifting Equipment, Inspection and Testing Services
Engineered UHPC Solutions
Helicopter Transportation for Offshore Personnel and Materials
Business Intelligence Provider for Oil and Gas Industry Decommissioning Projects
Air-Diving, ROVs, In-House Design, Engineering and Fabrication Services
Engineering, Procurement and Construction for the Offshore Industry
Aluminium and Steel Scaffolding Systems
Fluid Handling Systems, High-Pressure Hoses, Industrial and Hydraulic Hose Assemblies and Couplings
Windfarm and Marine Construction Vessels
Hydraulic Cylinders and Systems
Custom, Spiral Wound, Heat Exchanger and Metal-Jacketed Gaskets for Offshore Applications
Inspection, Non-Destructive Testing and Heat Treatment Services
Barge Bumper Systems, Aluminum Helidecks and Aluminum Gangways
Duplex, Triplex and Quintuplex Plunger and Piston Pumps Manufacturer and Service
Fire and Gas Detection Systems
Caterpillar® Offshore Power Modules and LV Transformers
High Performance Instruments for Petroleum Testing
Sustainable Waste and Water Management Systems for Marine Sites
High-Quality Freight Containers and Accommodation Solutions for the Offshore Sector
Impact and Vibration Resistant Safety Gloves for Offshore Workforces
Asset Integrity Service Provider
Cathodic Protection and Aluminium and Zinc Anodes
Centrifugal Pumps and Pumping Technology
Offshore Accommodation for Rent and Sale
Surface Preparation Abrasives
Polyamide 12 and PEEK for oil & gas applications
Hoisting Equipment Design, Manufacturing, Procurement and Maintenance Services
Fibre-Optic Communication Systems for Subsea Applications
Specialist Fabrications of Exotic Materials for the Offshore Industry
Offshore Industry Tools
Water Intake Systems, Dredge Hoses and Pipe Technology
Measuring Instrumentation for Oil and Gas
Flame Arresters
Data Loggers, Wireline Electronics, Rig Intercoms and Video Monitoring Systems
Offshore Pedestal-Mounted Cranes, Winches and Jacking Systems
Advanced, Non-Destructive Inspection Testing Services
Metal Components, Design and Assembly
Weather Radar Systems
Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers for High-Temperature and Corrosive Environments
Mechanical Services and Solutions for the Offshore Industry
Induction Heating Systems
Innovative Oil Spill Recovery Solutions
Fiberglass Solutions for Cable Management Systems
Drill Cutting Skips and Waste Management Solutions
Reverse Osmosis (RO) Fresh Water Maker and Desalination Systems, Chemical-Free Water Conditioners and Chemical Free Bacteriological Barriers
Marine Engineering, Design and Consultancy
Design and Manufacture of Explosion-Proof Lifting Devices
Explosion-Proof Audible and Visual Signals and Call Points
Design, Construction and Maintenance Solutions
Offshore Crew Transfer, Survey and Guard Vessels
Hydraulic Tools for the Offshore, Oil and Gas Industries
Motion, Control and Fluid Technologies, Instrumentation and Custom Engineering
Explosion-Proof Equipment
Dredging and Oil Hoses, Marine Equipment and Seawater Uptake Systems
Largest Retailer of Electronic Products in Scandinavia
FRP and GRP Cable Trays, Cable Ladders, Cross Arms, Pultruded Sections, Gratings, Ladders, Fencing and Hand Rails
Oil Filtration, Recycling and Maintenance
Solutions to Oily Water Separation
Robotic Inspection and Intervention Systems
Life-Saving and Marine Rescue Equipment
Worldwide One-Stop Ship Supplier and PRS Technology Distributor
Sealing and Protection for Risers, Cables and Umbilicals
Environmentally Friendly Hydrocarbon Remediation Technologies
Offshore Safety Signs and Low-Level Escape Systems
Synthetic Lubricants for Oil and Gas Equipment
Offshore Cable Management Systems and Drag Chains
Risk Analysis, Databases and Customized Drilling and Well Technology Software
Explosion-Proof and Intrinsically Safe Communication Equipment
Offshore HVAC and Refrigeration Systems
Electrical Connectors and Interconnection Systems
Independent Offshore and Power-Generation Engineering, Project and Technical Management Consultancy
Offshore Maintenance and Engineering Consultancy and Training Courses
Oil and Gas Technical, Non-Technical and FPSO Training Courses
Safety and Health Management Systems and OHS Consulting Services
Drilling Systems, Winches and Deck Handling / Mooring Equipment
Interactive Desktop Tool for Oil and Gas Executives and Analysts
The Experts in Subsea Grouting for the Offshore Energy Construction Industry
Pipe Laying, Flexible Laying and Heavy-Load Handling Systems, Riser Pull-in Equipment, Mooring Systems and Friction Clamps
Tailor-made Pumping Solutions
Manufacturer and Supplier of Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD) Systems
Fire-Protection Consultants
Submersible Hydraulic Pump Solutions for Offshore Sites
Well Project Management and Well Engineering Specialists
Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) for Tank Inspections
Safety and Rescue Solutions for Marine Applications
Precision Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy and Titanium Tubing
HVAC Solutions for the Offshore Industry
Helideck Landing Nets and Safety Nets
Flotation Equipment Service / Oil Water Separation and Nutshell Filtration
Compressed Air Purification, Fluid Filtration, Coolers, Static Eliminators and Precision Spraying
Offshore Surface Treatment, Fireproofing and Engineering Services
Hydraulic System Design, Manufacture, Installation and Repair
Green Solutions for Fire Protection in the Oil and Gas Industry
Offshore Containers, Tanks, Accommodation and Workspace Modules
Aluminum Helidecks for the Offshore Industry
Specialist Maching, Bolting and Maintenance Equipment
High-Performance Metallic Cable Tray Systems
Diversified Energy Products and Services for the Oil and Gas Industry
Intelligent Automatic Screen Filtration Systems for the Oil and Gas Industry
Supplier of Combifloat Pontoons and Products
Pressure Springs, Tension Springs, Leg Springs and Wire Bending Parts
Submarine Cable Inconnectors and Optical Fibre Solutions
Offshore Chains, Anchors, Mooring Wireropes and Deck Accessories
Air Handling Units, Air Terminal Devices, Ducts and Fans for the Offshore Industry
Integrity Management for Offshore Structures and Pipelines
Specialist Industrial Hoses and Fittings, Metering Systems and Gantry Equipment
Mechanical, Structural, Piping and Process Design and Engineering for the Offshore Industry
Offshore Towage and Logistics Services for FPSOs and Drilling Rigs
Pipeline Pigging Products and Services
Oil and Gas Filtration Equipment, Desalination and Reverse Osmosis Systems, and Water Pollution Control Systems
Specialised Hoses and Fittings for the Offshore Industry
Offshore Logistics Management and Operations
Hydraulic and Industrial Hoses and Hose Fittings
Differential Pressure Transmitters for the Oil and Gas Industry
Compressed Natural Gas Technology, Transportation and Distribution Services
Offshore and Subsea Equipment and Seabed Excavation Services
GE Speedtronic and Excitation Spares and Support
Marine Breakaway Couplings
Air Vent, Vacuum and Air Release Valves for Seawater Duty
Slurry Pumps for Hydrotransport and Oil Sands
Geotechnical Engineering and Offshore Site Investigations
Pump, Nitrogen Generation Packages and Special Packages for the Oil and Gas Industry
True Wireless Gas Detection
Non-Welded Piping Solutions, Hose Management, Products and Services
Professional High-Grade Hand Protection for Oil & Gas
Alternators Non-Sparking Zone 2 IP54 to IP65 Totally Enclosed
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems for Offshore Operations
Engineering Consultancy Services for the Offshore Industry
Anti-Piracy Barriers for Offshore Applications
Custom-Designed Winches for Offshore Applications
HVAC Systems for Offshore Facilities
Scaffolding and Access Products
Lifeboat / Davit Inspections, Loadtests and Spare Parts
Rugged IT Equipment for Hostile Environments
Fire Protection and Chemical Supply Services
Inert Gas and Nitrogen Generators for FPSO, FSO, Jack-up Rig and Tanker
Emergency and Preventative Repair Services for the Offshore Industry
Dynamic Positioning Systems and Inspection Services for Offshore Environments
Automation Systems, Engineering and Design, Control Cabinets, Installation and Service
Vessel Supplies, Marine Engineering and Offshore Salvage
Offshore Customised and Containerised Power Generation Solutions
Flame-Resistant and Hi-Visibility Clothing
Offshore Support, Training and Consultancy Services
Offshore and Survey Personnel and GPS Precise Point Positioning Systems
Engineering, Project and Decision Making Services
High-Strength Fasteners
Tailored Floor Safety Solutions and Risk Management
Grating, Fencing, Gates, Building Materials, Manholes, Railings and Grilles for Offshore Platforms
Gas to Liquids Conversion Technology
Offshore Fire Protection Services
Subsea Cable Installation, Repair and Engineering Services
Fiscal Metering Systems and Applications
Offshore Screw Compressors, Compressed Air Treatment, Energy-Friendly Compressor Controls and Container Solutions
Noise-Insulated Marine Floorings and Deck Coverings
Swivel Safety Hooks, Master Links, Connectors and Chains
Technological Solutions for the Design and Construction of Process Facilities
Weather Forecasting, Consultancy, Metocean Data and Studies
Vessels Management, Marine Consultancy, Offshore Crewing and Rig Moving Services
Fluid Power Engineering and Hose Technology for the Offshore Industry
Emergency Crane Services, Pipe Cradles, Protection Gloves and Wash Units for the Offshore Industry
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Shields and Saddles
Offshore Logistics, Personnel and Equipment Transfer
Instrumentation Cables, Control Cables and Umbilicals
Plural-Component Sprayers for Oil and Gas Pipelines
Process Control and Industrial Automation Instrumentation
Fixed Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors for the Oil and Gas Industry
Hydraulic Axial Piston Units
Thermal Imaging Surveying Services
Cathodic Corrosion Protection Systems and Services for Offshore Structures
Oil and Gas Conference for Security Challenges
Explosion Protection Electrical Equipment
Complete Asset Lifecycle Solutions for the Offshore Industry
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Rental Services for Offshore Platforms
Mechanical and High-Pressure Hydraulic Equipment for the Offshore Industry
End-to-end Asset Lifecycle Management Software
Control Systems, Retrofits and Engineering Services
Bespoke Winch Systems for Offshore Vessels and Rigs
Transportation, Installation and Removal of Offshore Structures
Offshore Solutions, Ship Design, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Offshore Structure Engineering and Fabrication
Robust, Replicable Cold-Formed Parts for Offshore Fastening Solutions - Bolt Securing Systems
Fluid Power Solutions
High-Pressure Fluid Generation and Transfer Equipment
Flare and Burner Boom Systems and Cementing Equipment
Offshore Hydraulic Drive Systems
Potable Water Systems for Offshore Platforms and Rigs
Complete Tempered Water Solutions
Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barriers and Infrastructure Protection
Customised Hydraulic Rental Equipment
Crew and Cargo Lifts
Modular Accommodation
Lightweight Offshore Accommodation Modules
Gas-Detection and Gas-Analysing Systems
High-Tech Ropes for Deepsea Lifting and Lowering
Oil and Gas Burners, Shut-Off Valves and Control Valves for Industry Use
Lifting and Handling Solutions for Marine and Offshore Industries
Power Drive Technology Specialists
Turbine Flowmeters for Subsea Applications
Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Piping Systems
Offshore ROV and Hybrid AUV / ROV Operations
Offshore Support Vessels, Offshore Accommodation Vessels and Modules
Offshore Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Equipment
Rig and FPSO Repairs, Upgrades and Conversions, and Inspection and Consulting Services for the LNG Industry
Producer and Supplier of High-Strength Alloy Metals
Design and Manufacture of Hydraulic Cylinders
Cable Management Products
Industrial Hoses, Pipeline Valves, Hydraulics and Instrumentation
Software for Engineering, Mathematics, Data Analysis, Forecasting, Graphing, Contouring and Modelling Risk
High-Pressure Reciprocating Plunger Pumps, Process Pumps, Offshore Injection Pumps and API 674 Pump Packages
Bending Machines for Metal Forming
Hydraulic Components and Systems
Wastewater and Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems
HVAC Systems for the Oil and Gas Industry
Mechanical Seals
Energy-Efficient LED Lights, Polyethylene Mooring and Navigation Buoys
Lifting, Lowering, Sliding and Monitoring Specialists
Custom-Made Hydraulic Cylinders
Engineering, Construction and Installation Services for Offshore Structures and Marine Equipment
Corrosion Protection to Protect Offshore Assets
Hydraulic Motors
Construction Project Management Software for the Offshore Industry
Tailor-Made Lifting and Laying Solutions for Offshore Applications, Including Pipelay Systems, Pipelay Equipment and Winches
Test and Measuring Equipment for Pressure and Temperature
Chain Hoists, Winches and Lifting Equipment for Oil and Gas Applications
Installation and Decommissioning of Floating Production Assets
Fire Protection and Special Pipe Coatings
CompoSol® High-Quality Composite Repair Solutions
Insulated and Temperature-Controlled GRP Enclosures and Shelters – Proven Protection for Equipment
Offshore Inspection and Certification for Equipment, Installations and Operations
Noise, Vibration and Thermal Management Products and Solutions
Vessel Inspection and Testing Services for Shipping Operations
Passionate About Steel
Stainless-Steel Solenoid Valves
Training Services for the Maritime and Offshore Petroleum Industries
Construction, Repairs and Reconstruction of Oil Storage Tanks
Subsea Inspection and Support Services
Navigation, Positioning and Imaging Services
Offshore and Nearshore Marine Survey Genuine Solutions
Industrial Valves for the Offshore Industry
Inspection, Technology Rental and Project Engineering Services
Fully Equipped Accommodation Work Barges for the Offshore Industry
ROV, Subsea Intervention and Tooling for the Offshore Industry
Integrated QHSE Risk and Compliance Management System Software
Quality Cables for the Oil & Gas Industry
Delivers Guaranteed Access to Information Across Challenging and Unreliable Networks
Risk Management and Security Consultancy Services
Mechanical Machining, Welding, Fabrication and Assembly of Medium and Large Components
Critical Offshore Platform Installation Aids and Fenders
Marine Logistics and Ocean Transport
Pipes for the Oil and Gas Industry
Offshore Trenching Support Services
Weld Cladding, Pipe Cladding, Clad Pipe Fittings and Fabrication
Protective Industrial Clothing and Equipment
Manufacture and Supply of Gas Detectors
Plastic Energy Chains, Bearings and Flexible Cables for Offshore Applications
Mooring Equipment and Related Services
Oil and Gas Market Research and Business Intelligence Reports
Industrial Matting Solutions
Hydraulic Cylinders, Swivels and Piston Accumulators
Third Party Quality Inspection
Custom Heavy-Duty Equipment Engineering
Induction Heating Systems
A&R Winches, Traction Winches, Hose Reels, Umbilical Winches and Deepwater Synthetic Rope Winches
Complete Hydraulic Systems for the Offshore Industry
Fabrication Management and Inspection
Engineering Analysis Software and Consulting
Marine, Subsea and Mooring Consulting Services
Noise and Acoustic Control Products and Structures
Offshore Project Quality Management, Engineering Inspection, NDT and Training
Cathodic Protection System Engineering and Corrosion Monitoring Equipment
Corrosion-Resistant Alloy Welded Pipes
Fire Fighting and Safety Training Services
Logistics Software for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry
Treating Iron and Associated Equipment Rental
Lifting Equipment for the Oil and Gas Industry
Specialists in Industrial Braking for Offshore Projects
Safety Communication Equipment
Heavy Lift & Logistics Specialists
Subsea Engineering and Training Experts
Valves, Instruments and Systems for the Offshore Industry
Umbilicals, IWOCS, Power Cables, Offshore and Field Services
Rental Winches, Jacks and Lifting Equipment
Process Equipment Manufacturing
Underwater Salvage Lifting Bags
Transportation and Installation of Subsea Structures and Mooring Systems
Oilfield Water Analysis, Characterisation and Management
Marine Breakaway Couplings, Emergency Release Systems, Quick Connect Couplings, Camlock Couplings and Swivels
LNG Transfer Systems for Vessels and Offshore Platforms
Vapour Recovery Unit Compressor Packages for the Offshore Industry
Offshore Cranes / Gangways & Services
Electronic Pilot / Ignitors and High Efficiency, Low Radiation Flare Burners
Consulting and Digital Technologies for the Energy and Chemical Industry
500kW to 25MW Alternators and Motor-Generator Sets
Smart Virtual and Augmented Reality Solutions for the Offshore Sector
Linear Winches, Riser Pulling and Mooring Systems, Oceanographic Winches and Equipment
Logistics Management for the Oil and Gas Sector
Diver Inspection and ROV-Enabled Engineering Subsea Solutions
Fabrication, Machining, Reverse Engineering, Load Testing and Waterjet Services for the Offshore Industry
Welding Solutions for the Offshore Industry
Mechanical Engineering, Fabrication and Project Management Services
Development, Production, Supply and Sale of Patented Offshore Tools and Equipment
Offshore Refrigeration Units and DNV Containers
Rigid Sweeping Arm Systems - Oil Recovery Equipment for Offshore and Inland Waters
Ecological Oil-Absorption Blankets and Boards
Distribution and Manufacture of Fasteners for the Oil and Gas Industry
Drag Chains for Hose and Cable Management
Tailor-Made Industrial Containers
Power Cables, Pump Cables and Cable Installation Services
Thermal Oil Heating Systems
Hose Testing Machines for the Offshore Industry
Marine Engineering, Building and Repair Services
Offshore Heat, Cold and Sound Insulation and Fire Protection
Small and Large Engineering Tool Kits and Tool Systems
SHIPMASTER® Marine Automation Systems, Loading Computers, Level and Draught Gauging Systems, and Signalling Systems
Marine Rotary-Arm Industrial Waste Compactor
Clad Piping, Vessel and Heat Exchanger Components
Lightning Protection Services and Equipment for the Offshore Sector
Active and Passive Vibration and Motion Control, Adhesives and Coatings, and Electronic Materials
Custom Fabric Buildings
Spooling Systems for Wire Rope
Offshore and Subsea Cranes
Modular Scaffolding Systems for Industrial and Commercial Construction
Flowmeters for Fluid Measurement and Control
Metering Pumps, Process Diaphragm Pumps and Engineered Pumping Solutions
Manufacturer of High Performance Springs
Stainless and Carbon Steel Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Valves, Bolts and Gaskets
Heavy Lifting Equipment, Accessories and Contract Lifting Services
Offshore Crewing, Training and Consulting Services
Kitchen, Galley, Laundry and Accommodation Equipment for the Offshore and Marine Industries
Load Cells for Lifting, Weighing and Load Monitoring
Interiors and Refitting Services for Ships, and Onshore and Offshore Installations
Offshore Operational Support, Vessel Design and Equipment Engineering
Oil Spill Recovery Equipment and Services
Naval and Marine Launch and Recovery Systems, and Umbilical Winches
Offshore Flare Systems and Towers, and Inspection and Fabrication Services
Crane-Suspended and Forklift-Mounted Personnel Platforms, and Material-Only Platforms
Hydraulic Cylinders for the Offshore Industry
Electrical Drive Systems
Catering and Hospitality for Workers in Extreme Conditions
Offshore Life and Rescue Training, and Asset-Protection Services
Offshore Platform Cutting Technology
Safe Load-Monitoring Systems for Offshore Cranes
Flexible Passive Fire Protection Systems, Fire Seals and Fireproof Enclosures
Weld Overlay / Cladding, Mechanical Machining, and HVOF Spray Coating
Magnetic Patches, Powerful Magnets, Sea Chest Blanks, Tools and Innovations for The Offshore Industry
Foam-Filled Marine Fenders and Offshore Buoys
All-Composite Centralisers, Drill Pipe Protectors and Downhole Innovative Tools
Heavy Lift Crane Services and Solutions
Load Monitoring Solutions for the Offshore Industry
Design and Fabrication of Offshore Pressure Vessels and Storage Tanks
Marine Ecosystem Technologies
Customised Cathodic Protection Solutions for Offshore Sites
Turnkey Installation, Engineering and Support Services for Subsea Power Cables
Turnkey HVAC Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry
Marine and Offshore Cranes
Metal and Thermal Spray for Marine, Oil and Gas Industry Coatings
MET-TRAK™ Offshore Drag Chains for Offshore Cable and Hose Management
Consultancy, Construction and Management Services for Oil and Gas Industries
Battery Trolleys, Material-Handling Equipment, Transfer Carts, Tilters, Self-Propelled and Industrial Trailers
Custom Noise Control Solutions For the Offshore Industry
Polyurethane Pipe Rollers, Drive Wheels and Hammer Cushions
Injection-Molded Impact Work Gloves
Asset Integrity Management of Plant and Pipeline Systems for the Oil and Gas Industry
Fixed Gas and Flame Detection
Ultra High-Resolution Side-Scan Sonar Systems
Air Lifting Bags and Cushions
Aluminium Helidecks, Gangways, Offshore Modules and Safety Systems
Fixed Gas and Flame Detection
Wire Clamps, Swivel Links, Connections and Mobile Mooring Components
Your Trusted Partner in Water Deaeration
Vehicles for Subsea Surveys and Inspection Services
Heavy Duty Oil Rig Work Gloves
Bulk Materials Handling Products and Technologies
Risk Management Consultancy Services for the Maritime Industry
Ultra-High Pressure Water Jetting Services
Mechanical Components for Industrial Instrumentation Lines
Composite Piping Systems
Specialised Cutting Tools for Marine Services in the Oil and Gas Industry
Specialist Mooring Systems and Offshore Mooring Services
Protective, Corrosion-Resistant Coatings
Hydraulic Engineering and Maintenance and Hydraulic Pump / Motor Service and Repair
Offshore Weather Forecasts, Oil Spill Trajectory Forecasts and Hindcast Modelling
Offshore Hydraulic Fluid Monitoring and Maintenance Systems
Turnkey Delivery of New Build Vessels
Waste Heat Recovery Evaporation Technologies for the Offshore Industry
Cylinders, Hydraulics and Electric Drive Systems
Security Solutions for Offshore and Onshore Structures, Personal Protection, Route and Convoy Transit Protection
Onshore and Offshore Lifting Equipment – Sheaves, Blocks, Swivels and Hooks
Firefighting Equipment
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration System Installation and Maintenance
Anti-Piracy and Onshore / Offshore Training Services
Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps with Flexible Design
Tailored Software Solutions for the Oilfield Services Industry
Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors
Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Wear Clad Pipe and Components
FireMaster® - Lightweight Structural Fire Protection, Thermal and Acoustic Insulation
Architectural and Structural Engineering, Project Management and Supply of Prefabricated Modular Units
Steel Wire Ropes and Lifting Gear
Modular, Lightweight Aluminium Scaffolding
Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems and Variable Air Volume Systems
Distributor and Producer of Motion Control Products and Wireless Modems
Offshore HVAC and Refrigeration Systems
Offshore Dry-Disconnect Couplings, Swivels and Safety Breakaways
Offshore Accommodation Modules, Engineering Cabins and Offshore Containers and Baskets
Man Overboard Rescue and Retrieval Systems for the Offshore Industry
Water Purification Systems and Marine Watermakers
Load Monitoring and Running Line Tensiometers
Design and Manufacturing of Subsea Equipment and ROV Tooling
Polymers and Adhesives for Offshore Oil and Chemical Processing
Process Plants, Modules and Skids for FPSOs, and Conceptual and Detail Engineering
Fire Protection Services
Fogging Systems for Offshore Gas Turbines
Specialty Hydraulic Hammers
Metalizing Corrosion Protection for the Offshore Industry
Engineering Document Control for Offshore Projects and Asset Operations
Design, Development and Manufacture of Cranes and Handling Equipment
Offshore Ship Broking and Consultancy Services
Offshore Cable Management Systems, Soft-Wiring Technology and Aluminium Skirting Ducts
Oil and Gas Project Management, Engineering and Pipeline Design Services
Marine Surface Protection
Marine Heavy Lift / Transportation Project Managers and Consultants
Health and Safety, First Aid and Health and Social Care Training Courses
Onshore/Offshore Pipeline Inspection, Phased Array Inspection, Automated UT Pipe inspection and Pipeline-Asset Integrity Management Systems
Petroleum, Coal-Seam Gas and Greenhouse-Gas Storage Geotechnical Services
Shipboard Solutions for Offshore Vessels
Mechanical Cutters
Subsea Pipeline Leak Detection Equipment
Complete Subsea Cable Systems
Design, Manufacture and Service of Marine, Offshore, Shipboard and Deck Cranes
Logistics Equipment and Supply Bases for the Offshore Industry
Inspection, Measurement and Testing Systems for Offshore Applications
Engineering Design Services for the Offshore Industry
Lifeboats, Rescue Boats and Davits
Aluminium Helidecks and Accommodation Module Solutions for Marine and Offshore Industries
Asset Integrity, Corrosion Prevention and Enhanced Oil Recovery Solutions
Independent Institute of Polymer and Plastics Technology
Electrical and Hydraulic Winches – Instrumentation, Wireline and Oceanographic
Offshore Pulling and Lifting Specialist
Offshore Air-Handling Equipment
Engineering Polymer Components Supply
Swivel Hooks, Self-Locking Safety Hooks, and Subsea and ROV Safety Hooks
Explosion-Proof Electromechanical Equipment for Industrial and Hazardous Areas
Public Address and General Alarm (PAGA) Systems for Oil and Gas Industries
Subsea Systems, Subsea Sensors, Underwater Cameras, LED Lighting and Cabling Solutions
Braided Synthetic Ropes
Air-to-Air and Air-to-Water Heat Exchangers for the Offshore Industry
Oil and Gas Equipment and Services for Offshore and Onshore Projects
Bolt Securing Systems
Cathodic Protection Systems
Torque Wrenches, Torque Multipliers, Pneumatic Torque Wrenches, Torque Measurement, Torque Equipment for Sub-Sea, Ultrasonic Bolt Length Measurement
Flame Detection, Gas Detectors, Smoke and Oil Mist Monitoring, and Safety Systems
Design and Structural Integrity Assessment of Offshore and Land-Based Installations Subjected to Extreme Loads
Offshore Lifting and Laying Equipment
Inspection and Work-Class ROVs, Offshore Project Management and Engineering, and Air and Saturation Diving Systems
Security Doors, Industrial Doors and Fire Doors
Offshore Communication Networks
Offshore Diving and Marine Support Services
Dynamic Analysis for Offshore Operations
Commercial Diving and Engineering for Offshore Projects
Client Oversight Services, Surveys, Investigations, Testimony, Rig Excellence Training
Compliance Inspection and Training Services for the Oil and Gas Industry
Coatings for Protection from Corrosion and Wear in Offshore Operations
High-Performance Fire Protection Equipment
Environmental Measurement Solutions for Offshore Facilities
Environmental Protection and Monitoring Solutions for the Marine Sector
Audio and Video Inspection Solutions for Marine Locations
Gas Cylinders, Valves and Customised Solutions
Pipe Profiling, Inspection and Measurement Services
Project Management, Construction Management and Engineering Services for Marine Structures, Pipelines and Related Facilities
Aids to Navigation and Helideck Lighting Packages
Corrosion Protection Marine Services
Induced Polarisation for Hydrocarbon Exploration
Explosion-Proof HVAC Design, Manufacturing, Certification and Maintenance Services
Weather Forecasting, Meteorologists and Weather Briefing and Consultation
Wireless Mobile Network Communications System for the Offshore Industry
Norwegian Offshore Recruitment Company
Low Maintenance, Compact Gas Turbines for the Oil and Gas Industry
Offshore Data, Telecommunications Networks and Digital Oilfield Solutions
Oil and Gas and Marine Manning Services, Vessel Maintenance, Repair and Corrosion Management
Scaffolding Equipment for the Oil and Petro-Chemical Industry
Independent Consultancy to E&P Operators within Drilling and Well, Subsea, Rig/FPSO and Sub-Surface Systems
Single Point and Deepwater Mooring Systems for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Offshore and Onshore Well Monitoring
DNV 2.7-1 Cargo Carrying Units and Transportation Tanks
Offshore Swaging Tools and Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Services
World-Leading Oil Spill Response Services
Supplier of Services for the Oil, Gas and Energy Industry
Hand-Protection Gloves, Prescription Safety Eyewear, Safety Shoes and Personal Protective Equipment
Simulation-Based Training Solutions for Offshore Operations
Offshore Facility Refits and Maintenance
Subsea Conductor Stabilisation for the Offshore Industry
Produced-Fluids Treatment and Oil and Gas Separation
Offshore and Marine HVAC/R Systems
ROV Operations and Deepwater Technical Services, Subsea Tooling, and Dredging and Decommissioning Services
Subsea Valves and Control Systems, Subsea All Electric and Umbilical Solutions
Torquing Tools for the Offshore Industry, Tool Control Systems, and Tool Chests and Boxes
Rope Access NDT Inspection and Maintenance Services
Oil Spill Response Equipment Testing, Training and Research
Forged Steel Valves for the Offshore Industry
Needle, Ball, Topsea, Subsea and Pipeline Valves
High-Yield and Large OD Pipes, Fittings, Flanges and Ancillary Piping Accessories
High-Strength, Lightweight Fibre Ropes, Thimbles, Shackles, Chains and Buoys
Offshore Hazardous-Waste, Oil-Spill and Contamination Clean-Up Equipment
International Oil and Gas Technology Conference
Offshore Oil and Gas Construction Personnel
Offshore Services for the West African Oil and Gas Industry
Technical and Commercial Offshore Rig and Vessel Management Services
Welding and Production Automation Systems for the Offshore Industry
Bolting and Tensioning Equipment for the Offshore Industry
FOAMGLAS® Cellular Glass Insulation Systems
Hot Work Safety Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry
Corrosion Protection and Control Specialists, Vapour-Phase Corrosion Inhibitors, Protective Coatings and Cortec VpCI
Plunger Pump Packages, API 674 Reciprocating Pumps and Centrifugal API 610 Pumps
Hazardous Area Systems, Project Support and Equipment
Offshore Oil & Gas Industry Inspection Specialists
Multi-Physics Simulation Consultancy Services
Fully Welded Plate and Shell Heat Exchangers, Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels
Construction Consulting Services for the Oil and Gas Industry
Copper Titanium Non-Sparking Hand Tools for Petrochemical Industry
Inspection, Modification and Maintenance Solutions for Offshore Installations
Stud Welding and Fastening Solutions for Marine Projects
Electric Trace-Heating Systems for Freeze Protection and Temperature Maintenance
Oil-in-Water Monitoring Systems for Environmental Applications
Watermakers - Nitrogen Gas Generators, Oily Water Separators, Condition Monitoring Systems
Offshore Pedestal Cranes, BOP Gantry Cranes, Winches and Related Material Handling Equipment
Wireless Integrity Monitoring Systems
Offshore Consultancy Services, Subsea Cable Systems and Wind Farm Design
Logistics Support Services and Equipment Rental for Oil and Gas Operations
Mechanical, Inspection and Pipeline Intervention Services
Process Metering Pumps, Measuring Instruments and Water Treatment Systems
Environmentally Friendly Lubricants for Offshore and Subsea Applications
Production Equipment for the Oil and Gas Industry
Safety and Survival Training Courses
Rugged, Economical Shipboard Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Gas Purification Chemicals for Marine Applications
Cargo-Carrying Units, Cutting Skips and Offshore Containers
Wire Ropes, Load Hooks, Chain Hoists, Crane Brakes and Parts
Water Treatment Membranes for the Oil and Gas Industry
Engineering of HVAC Systems, Control Panels and Instrumentation for the Offshore Industry
Custom Marine Auxiliary Equipment, Fireproof Modular Living Quarters and Door Systems
Engineering Document Management System
OEM Aids to Navigation (AtoN) Products
Engineered Hose and Tubing Solutions
Fabrication, Skids and Modules, and Subsea Equipment
Passive Fire Protection, Protective Coatings and Thermal Insulation Services
Subsea Hoses for the Oil and Gas Industry
Load Rated Lifting Bags
Piping Systems, Pressure Vessels and High-Quality Offshore Structures
Emulsified Water Separation and Filtration Equipment
Dredging, Soil Exploration and Environmental Technology
Spare Parts for Engineered Pumps and Rotating Equipment
Manufacturer of Manual and Automated On / Off and Control Ball Valves
Steel Materials, Line Pipes and Heavy Wall Pipes and Fittings
Standard and Custom-Made Health and Safety Signs and Products
Products for Combustion Equipment, Automation Controls and Tank Heating for Marine and Offshore Industries
Drill Pipe Hardbanding and Hardfacing Alloys
Offshore Brokerage and Consultancy
Subsea Maintenance, Abandonment and Decommissioning
Advanced Simulations for Decision Support, Risk Management and Time and Cost Savings
Pre-Operations and Operations Services, Technical Services, Consultancy, Management and Manpower for Offshore, Onshore and Subsea Industries
Hydraulic-Driven Solids Pumps for Drill Cutting, Mud and Slurry Handling
Steam and Heat Packages for Marine Use
Manpower Services for the Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
Fire-Fighting Foam Concentrates
Transport, Storage and Container Logistics Solutions
Mechanical Seals, Pumps, Spares and Overhaul for the Offshore Industry
Structural Integrity and Acoustic Emission Monitoring Solutions, Valve Leak Rate Monitoring, Corrosion Mapping and NDT Inspection
Pumps and Compressors
Non-Destructive Testing, Rope Access Inspection, Warranty Surveys and Safety Equipment for the Offshore Industry
Specialist Design and Consultancy Services for Pipeline Pigging
Temperature Monitoring and Control Instrumentation, DP Flow Elements and Fire Survival MI Cables
Offshore Rope Access, Climbing Accessories and Safety Equipment
Processed Titanium Pipes and Components
Oil and Gas Engineering and Consultancy Services
Offshore Pipe Clamps, Supports and Clips, and Carbon-Steel Coating
Tailor-Made Offshore Project Management Services
Plate Heat Exchangers Services and Heat Exchanger Gaskets, Repair, Refurbishment and Development
Pipeline Pre-Commissioning and Decommissioning Services
Equipment Supply, Surplus Management, Asset Sales and Liquidation Services
Offshore Pipeline Inspection Solutions
Upstream Equipment for the Oil and Gas Industry
Training, Inspection and Consultancy Services for Industrial Installations
Offshore Personnel Transfer Solutions
High-Pressure Technology for Testing, Controlling and Chemical Injection
Integrity Management for Offshore Assets
High-Pressure Reciprocating Pumps
Subsea Flushing, Pipeline Testing, BOP Testing, and Water-Jetting Equipment
Readily Biodegradable Lubrication and Cleaning Products for the Offshore Industry
Specialist Winch Systems
Low-Cost Offshore Platforms for the Oil & Gas and Power Generation Industries
Air Hoists, Electric Chain Hoists, Wire Rope Hoists, Winches, Snatch Blocks and Load Measuring Equipment
Technology-Driven Training Solutions for Offshore Personnel
Lifting and Lashing Solutions for Offshore Applications
System Engineering and Turnkey Packages for Oil and Water Hydraulics
LED Lighting Systems for the Offshore Industry
DNV 2.7-1 & EN12079 Offshore Refrigerated Containers
Specialist Valves for the Marine Industry
Production, Stockholding and Supply of Critical Piping Systems
Vendors Inspection and Technical Services
High-Performance Wire Rope Lubricants
Air Compressors, Steam Generators, Heat Suppression, Sand Filters and Heat Exchangers
Wireless Kinetic Mesh Communication Networks
Marine and Offshore Accommodation
Standard and Customized Offshore Containers and Modules
Equipment for the Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling Industries
Rental Welding Equipment
Custom Hydraulic Cylinders and Systems
Mooring Systems, Pipe-Laying Vessels Equipment, Riser Pull-in Equipment and Winches
Drilling Rig Design and Engineering Specialists
Insulated Clothing and Equipment for Offshore Safety and Protection
Thermal, Acoustical and Fire-Safe Insulation of Technical Installations
Fire, Thermal and Acoustic Insulation for Offshore Projects
Corrosion Monitoring through Weight Loss Corrosion Coupons and Electronics
Offshore Sockets, Wire-Rope Terminations, and Crane Blocks and Components
Designer, Manufacturer and Supplier of Marine Lift Equipment and Winches for the Offshore Industry
Reservoir Management and Production Optimization
Corrosion, Sand Erosion, Pressure, Temperature and Flow-Momentum Monitoring Sensors
Professional-Grade Rope for the Marine and Offshore Industries
Specialty Wire and Cables
ZERON® 100 (UNS S 32760) Super Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe Work Systems, Components and Castings
Controlled Bolting Solutions for Topside and Subsea Applications, Pneumatic, Battery Powered and Electronic Torque Wrenches, Manual Torque Multipliers and Calibration Equipment
Safety Breakaway Couplings, Dry Disconnect Couplings, Swivel Joints and Hose Loading Arms
Asbestos Removal and Rope Access Services
Advanced Maritime Electronics, Communication and Navigation Equipment
Reliable Moorings, Anchor Chains and Accessories
Camp and Accommodation Design, Build and Management Services
Crane, Topside and Subsea Equipment Maintenance and Engineering
Anti-Slip Safety Products for the Oil and Gas Industry
Offshore Anchors, Chains and Accessories
Offshore Winches and Hoisting Equipment for the Marine Industry
Ultra-High Pressure Hose Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry
Custom Cylinder Protection for Offshore Projects
Onshore and Offshore Vibrocoring Systems
High-Performance Rotary Joints
Downhole Gyro-Surveying Systems and Borehole Survey Instruments
E-Navigation Solution for Offshore Platforms
Complete Solutions for Maritime Safety Monitoring
Engineering, Design and Consultancy Services for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
Numerical Analysis for Oil and Gas Vessels and Pipelines
Manufacture of Offshore Rigs, Rig Components and After-sales
Cabling Solutions for Maritime and Offshore Applications
Steam Systems for the Oil and Gas Industry
Static Control Services and Equipment for the Offshore Sector
Hydraulic Presses for Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Applications
High-Performance Subsea Dredgers and Tooling
CCTV Equipment for Hazardous Offshore Environments
Supplier and Installer of the World's Most Advanced Marine Electronics
Scaffolding Supplies for the Oil and Gas Industry
Supply and Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment
Environmentally Friendly Waste Handling Services
Ignition Systems, Gas Ignition Burners and Pilot Burners for Flares
Modular Buildings and Packaging Solutions for Oil and Gas Sites
Optical Flame and Gas Detectors
Stability Tools for Safer and More Efficient Assets
Comprehensive Pumping Solutions
Pressure-Independent Flow Regulators and Chemical-Injection Control Valves
Offshore Equipment Handling Systems, Pipeline Repair / Recovery Systems and Subsea Sealing Systems
Lifting Equipment and Machinery for the Offshore and Naval Industries
Project Management, Quality and Engineering Services for Offshore, Onshore and Subsea Operations
Pipes, Pipe Fittings and Pipe Flanges
Personnel Protection and Safety Products for Offshore Sites
Installation Equipment and Services for Cables, Flexibles, Pipelines and Umbilicals
Suction Pile Foundations, Anchoring and Self Installing Platforms
Instrumentation and Sensor Technology
DP Flow Elements and Special Pipe Fittings for Power Plant Solutions
Compact Eddy Current Equipment for Underwater Inspection, ROV Instrumentation
Submersible Electric Motors for Subsea Applications
Explosion-Protection Lighting Fixtures, Systems and Components
Industrial Cleaning and Waste Management Solutions
Non-Slip Flooring Products for the Offshore Sector
H2S Detection and Protection - System Integration for the Offshore Industry
Fire-Rated Safety Doors for Marine and Offshore Sectors
Hazardous Area Lighting Solutions
Design, Fabrication and Servicing of Turnkey Offshore Equipments
Offshore ROV Handling Systems, Termination and Recovery Solutions, and Destructive Portable Umbilical Testing
Portable Oil in Water Analyzers for On-Site Measurements
Professional Personnel Services for the Offshore and Subsea Industry
Customised Security Services for Offshore Platforms
Worldwide Scaffolding Sales, Rentals and Services for the Offshore Industry
Consultancy and Contracting Services for Offshore and Marine Operations
Rental Remote-Operated Vehicles (ROV) and Equipment
Tools for Remote-Operated Vehicles, and Subsea Intervention Products and Services
Offshore Cargo-Carrying Units, Modular Systems and Transportation Tanks
Bulk Bags, Load Testing Bags and Lifting Slings
Offshore Supply, Service and Accommodation Vessels
High-Reliability Electronics and Electro-Mechanics
Inspection and Monitoring Services for the Offshore Industry
Cranes, Hoists, Material Elevators and Crane Services
Silvagrip Non-Skid, Aluminum, Ceramic Peel-and-Stick Solution
Industrial Batteries and Mobile Computing Technology
Specialist Manufacturer and Supplier of Electrical Material for Industrial Facilities
Steel Piping Components and Valves
Advanced Connectivity Systems
Weight Estimation, Monitoring and Tracking Software for Floating Offshore Constructions
Well Testing Support Services
Steel Beams, Pipes and Plates
Process Packages, Engineering and EPC Services for Offshore Industries
High-Quality Burners and Components
Electrical-Mechanical Technical Services and Flow Control
Modular Enclosures and Metal Structures for the Offshore Industry
Offshore Communications Systems
Marine and Subsea Services
Safety Critical Fastener Products
Quick-Release Coupling Systems
Technologically Advanced Security for Assets at Sea, Air or on Land
Environmentally Friendly Frond Scour Protection
Multi-Role Support Vessel Charters and Logistics
Maritime Security and Anti-Piracy Services
Through-Water Wireless Communications, Underwater Cameras, Seabed Classification, Imaging Sonars and ROV / Survey Sensors
Electrical Safety / Security Systems and Industrial Process Automation Engineering
Solids Control and Separation Services
Africa's Leading Provider of Culinary and Support Services
Protective Pump Fittings
Shipboard and Offshore Cranes
Chain Connectors, Shackles, Rope Fittings and Mooring Components
Advanced Water / Wastewater / Sanitation Treatment Systems
Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management Services for Offshore and Marine Industries
Protective and Marine Coatings for Onshore and Offshore Structures
Subsea and Downhole Controls for Production and Deepwater Exploration
A&R Winches, Mooring Systems, Traction Winches, Capstan Winches, Chain Tensioners and Chain Stoppers
Design, Supply and Installation of Electrical Systems
Cargo Carrying Units, Modular Systems, Helifuel Services and Chemical Handling Services
Offshore Solutions and Systems
ATEX Active Safety IEFS Groups
Manufacturer of Underwater MiniROVs
Specialist Fabrication, Welding and Precision Machining for the Offshore Industry
Electric ROV Systems and ROV System Components
Installation, Maintenance and Overhauling Services for Circuit Breakers
Forgings, Risers and Connectors for Oil and Gas Riser Applications
Custom-Designed Gas Chromatographs for Analysis
Intelligent Valve Monitoring™
Manufacture and Repair of Production and Drilling Riser Tensioner Systems
Pneumatic and Electronic Instruments for Automation and Control
Supplier of Stainless, Duplex, Alloy and Carbon-Steel Pipes, Fittings and Flanges
Construction and Maintenance Project Management
Asset Integrity Management Services for the Oil and Gas Industry
Offshore and Onshore Accommodation, Offices and Engineering Modules, and Modular Multi-Purpose Construction
Offshore Engineering, Design, Manufacturing, Commissioning and Shipyard Assistance
Offshore Installation Contractor
Compressed Air Systems and Equipment
Underwater Machinery, Propeller, Seal, Weld Repairs, Inspection and Maintenance
Professional Personnel Services for the Oil and Gas Industry
Spring Technology for the Offshore Industry
Facilities Management and Support Services for the Offshore Industry
Leak-Free Instrumentation Fittings and Valves
Underwater Trenching Machines
Global Recruitment of Engineering Executives, Specialists and Managers
Worldwide Vsat Broadband Communications
Second-Hand Equipment and Machinery for the Industrial and Maritime Industry
Emergency Egress Simulation Devices
Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment for Offshore Applications
Marine Buoyancy Products and Water Filled Test Weights
High-Performance Synthetic Ropes with Dyneema® Fiber
Heavy Subsea Construction Equipment Operators
Process Fluid Filtration Systems, Hydraulic Filters and Filtration Elements
Snap-on Tools And Workshop Equipment
Sales and Servicing of Lifeboats, Fast Rescue Craft, On-Load Release Mechanisms and Davits
Shallow-Water Trenching Machines for Pipeline and Cables
Hydraulic Cylinder Design, Manufacture, Repairs and Laser Cladding
Underwater Equipment and Dredging Instrumentation Specialists
Non-Destructive Inspection and Rope Access Services
Hydraulic Cylinders, Valves and Equipment
Marine, Drilling and MODU Project Management Services
AUT Pipeline Inspection Technology and Procedures
Submersible Lasers for Oil Droplet Measurement
Subsea Remote Systems and Work Class ROVs
Upstream Petroleum Consultancy and Training Services
Aluminium Fuel, Hydraulic and Air-Pressure Tanks and Special Welded Constructions
Offshore Safety Training, Safety Equipment and Environmental Services
Lifting Equipment Hire
Compact and Reliable Desalination Machines
Hot-Forged Special Fasteners, Bolts, Nuts and Fittings
Offshore At-Height Hand Tooling Kits
Sound-Attenuated Containers and Insulated Containers for Electrical Equipment
Cable Wrapping Tapes and Components
Gas Detection for Offshore Exploration and Production Applications
Compliance and Risk Management Solutions for Offshore Applications
Direct Thermal Desorption Units
Offshore Bonded Hoses for Oil, Chemicals, LPG and LNG Transfer and Production
Reverse Osmosis Watermakers and Water Purification Systems
Geoscientific Technologies and Data Analysis
Specialist Heavy-Lifting Solutions for the Marine Industry
Corrosion Resistant Fastening Solutions for Offshore, Petrochemical and Refining Industries
High-Capacity, Low-Latency Communications
Extremely Durable Tags and Safety Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry
High-Yield Gas Separation Services for the Oil and Gas Sector
Hydraulic Drum Winches, Traction Winches, Chain Stoppers and Chain Jacks
Seamless and Welded Pipes, Flanges and Fittings
Pipeline Pre-Commissioning / Commissioning Contractors
Marine Communications, Safety and Navigation
Hot Oil and Thermal Liquid Heating Systems
High-Level Structural Software for Offshore Work Processes
Plate Heat Exchanger Supplier for the Oil & Gas Industry
Asset Tracking and Fleet Management Services
Process Heating Equipment
Low Logistics, Modular, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for Subsea Survey
Offshore Navigation Aids
Custom-Built Dry-Type Transformers and Inductors
Advanced Polymer Solutions for the Offshore Environment
Lifeboat and Davit Inspection, Maintenance, Testing and Certification Services
Oil in Water Monitoring and Measurement
Oil in Water Monitoring and Measurement
Specialist Ejector Solutions for Flare Gas Recovery and Oil and Gas Production Boosting
Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless-Steel Pipe, Fittings and Flanges
Safety Service Solutions for Offshore, Petrochemical and Industrial Industries
Pressure Relief Valves and Control Automatisms
Engineering Consulting in Offshore and Marine Applications
Refrigerated and Insulated Containers for the Oil and Gas Offshore Industry
Marine Riser, Subsea Controls and Support Components
Engineered Accommodation Solutions for Offshore Platforms
Woodward Controls, Governor Overhaul and Repair, Turbine and Compressor Retrofits and Upgrades, and Official Product Training
Engine Powered Services, Engine Powered Solutions, Explosion Protection Systems and Micro Turbines
Pipeline Maintenance
Mercury Management Services and Environment Solutions
Specialist Machining and Assembly Manufacturing Services
CCTV Cameras for Surveillance on Offshore Facilities
Third Party Inspection and Expediting for the Energy Sector
Asset Integrity and Safety Specialists
Offshore Structural Steel Fabrication, Surface Treatments and Waste Containers
Standard and Custom-Engineered Pipe Support Equipment for Process Industries
Explosion-Proof Lighting Solutions
Comprehensive Engineering Services for Rotating Equipment
State-of-the-Art Military and Paramilitary Vessels
Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration Sonar
Turbine Maintenance
Explosion-Proof Phones, Marine Grade Speakers, Horn Strobes and Intercoms
Tekton Group Ltd
Webbing Lifting Slings, Lashings and Height Safety Equipment
High Performance Aramid Yarns for the Offshore Industry
Offshore Maintenance, Repair and Operations Supplies and Personal Protective Equipment
Level Control Instrumentation
Solids Control and Mudcooling Equipment for the Drilling Industry
Forged Steel Bars, Seamless Alloy Mechanical Steel Tubing, Anti-Friction Bearings and Services for the Offshore Industry
Offshore Hoses, Clamps, Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Lifting Equipment and Pumps
Heavy Lift and Transportation Services for the Offshore Industry
Full-Service Offshore and Remote Site Catering Services
Offshore Industrial Services and Products
Custom Design, Fabrication and Refurbishment of Oil and Gas Equipment Packages
Offshore Water Filtration Systems
Fire, Water Pressure and Explosion-Resistant Marine Windows
High-Performance Steel-Wire Ropes
Horizontal and Vertical Progressing Cavity Pumps
Advanced Communications Systems for Hazardous Environments
Health and Safety Signs and Products for the Offshore Industry
Power, Control and Instrumentation Connectors and Interconnection Systems
Insulation Protection Coatings and Sealants, and Ancillary Plastic, Foils and Tapes
Offshore Steel Plate Inspection Services and Other Products
Subsea Construction, Subsea Installation Support, and Rigless Well Intervention, Decommissioning and Construction
Self-Geared, Multipurpose Vessels for Cargo Transportation
Steel Pipes and Pipeline Components
Subsea Equipment, Products and Services
Harsh-Environment Cables, Hoses and Umbilicals
High-Pressure Plunger Pumps and Cleaning Units
Passive Fire Protection Systems and Products
High-Performance Ceramic Components
Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Interface, Pig Detectors and Level Systems
3D Laser Survey Services for the Oil and Gas Industry
Permanently Installed Explosion-Proof Rack and Pinion Elevators
Strainer and Filtration Solutions
CCTV Products and Surveillance Systems
Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
Customised Tubing and Piping Solutions for Offshore Projects
Welded Fittings, Pipe and Special Fabrications
Air Charter and Logistics Services
Flare Tip Installation and Maintenance Services for Offshore Platforms
Customised Valve Solutions and Services for the Marine Sector
Cranes, Hoists and Winches
Vibration Isolation, Vibration Control and Noise Reduction
Seamless and Welded Titanium Tubes and Pipes
Heavy Lift Engineering, Rigging Rental and Sale of Certified Components, Integrated Lift Management
Custom Hydraulic Winches and Chain Jacks, Riser and Umbilical Installations, and Field Operations
Subsea Components, Cabling and Installation Services
High-Quality, Custom-Made Containerised Solutions
Advanced Steel Components for the Industrial Sector
Micro and Inspection ROVs and Crawlers
Aluminium Freefall Lifeboats and Gangways Systems
Wire Ropes Lubrication Products
Air Intake Separators and Moisture Eliminators
TM Steels For Marine and Offshore Applications
Hyperbaric Lifeboats (SPHLB), Fast Rescue Boats, Davits and Hook-Release Systems
Non-Destructive Testing and Rope Access Service Provider
Bolted Joint Optimization Solutions
Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Process Equipment and Piping / Installation
Hydrographic and Oceanographic Instrumentation
Design and Engineering Services for the Oil and Gas Industry
Self-Cleaning Automatic Water Filters
Specialists in Surface Protection
Offshore Mooring Equipment and Services
Water Treatment for Removing Dissolved and Dispersed Hydrocarbons
Made to Measure Lifting Gear for the Offshore Industry
Fibre-Reinforced Plastic Materials
Blast and Fire Protection for Offshore Structures
Integrated Maritime Surveillance Software
Sulphate Removal Packages, Water Injection and Treatment Systems
Plate and Shell Heat Exchangers for Oil and Gas Processing
Technical Safety Equipment for Hazardous Working Environments
Lifting Equipment for Offshore Scaffolding Applications
Artificial Intelligence Technology for Oil and Gas Projects
Rig Moving, Conductor Driving, Derrick Assembly, Modifications and Inspections
International Trade Fair for Wire, Cable, Tube and Pipe Markets
Robotic Systems for Pressure Vessel Inspections
Painting and Coating Systems for Offshore Applications
Welding Engineering, NDT Supervision and Quality Inspection for the Offshore Industry
Intermodal and Offshore Containers
Cable Safety and Dropped Objects Prevention Tools for Offshore Sites
High-Voltage Cable Jointing and Nitrogen Purging for Marine Sites
Offshore and Onshore Waste Management, Containers and Recycling
Telecommunications Engineering and Maintenance Services for the Oil and Gas Industry
Noise Control Solutions for Offshore Applications
Marine Weather Forecast Services, Tropical Advisory and 24/7 Consultation
Process Optimisation Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry
Group Income Protection Solutions for Offshore Personnel
Control Room Console Solutions for the Offshore Industry
Hydraulic Solutions for Marine and Offshore Applications
Winches and Winch Service Parts
Portable Explosion-Proof Lights and Power Distribution Units for Offshore
Online Non-Destructive Testing Training Courses
Instrumentation, Analysis and Handling Devices for SF6 Gas
Pipe Flanges and Pipeline Equipment
Modular Chemical Dosing, Pumping and Telemetry Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry
Wire Ropes, Synthetic Ropes, Cables, Pipeline Ancillaries
Corrosion-Resistant Filtration Equipment
Advanced Coatings Technology
Satellite Voice and Data Communication Solutions with Global Coverage
Cable Condition Monitoring Services
Specialist Offshore Crew Transfer
Design and Manufacture of Automated Welding Equipment
Dredging and Subsea Tooling Equipment
High-Quality ATEX Industrial Fans for Hazardous Areas
Stainless-Steel and Nickel Alloy Special Fasteners, Studbolts, Bolts, Nuts and Socket Capscrews
Engineering, Maintenance, Software and Asset Managment Support
3D Video, 3D Modelling, Mooring Chain Inspection and Rope Measurement for Subsea Assets
Manufacturer of Butterfly Valves and Actuators
Power Transmission Equipment for Heavy Industry
Offshore Technical Support, Maintenance, Machine Parts and Technical Solutions
Marine and Subsea Engineering, Hydraulic Systems and HDPE Boats
Worldwide Crew Telephone Service for the Offshore Industry
Well Service Pumps for the Oil and Gas Industry
Hull Assessment, Repair and Cathodic Protection Systems
Subsea Water Injection and Treatment (SWIT) for Increased Oil Recovery
Oil and Gas Welding Engineering, Maintenance and Inspection
HVAC System and Service Supplier
High-Performance Wire Ropes
Aeronautical and Technical Offshore Helicopter Services
Marine Communication and Navigation Systems
Controls Engineering, Metering Management and IT Systems
Offshore Broadband and Voice Communication Provider
Control and Instrumentation Systems for the Oil and Gas Sectors
High-Definition Downhole Camera Solutions for the Oil and Gas Sector
Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting of High-Value Cargo
Bespoke Rubber Hose Products for the Oil and Gas Industry
Coast Defence and Canal Dredging / Excavation Services
Comprehensive Offshore Wind Services
Offshore Process Consultancy Specialising in Separation Internals and Systems
Anti-Corrosion Zinc Coating for Galvanic Protection of Steel Structures
Mechanical Steel Constructions, Sandblasting and Coating
Transit, Storage and Deployment Solutions
Combustion and Environmental Solutions
Software Tools and Consultancy for the Offshore Industry
Oil and Gas Metering and Regulating Systems