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Offshore Technology Focus is the essential reading material for decision-makers in the global offshore oil and gas industry, bringing you the latest news and analysis in an exciting, interactive format. Produced by a team of experienced editors and contributors, this bi-monthly magazine offers insights into key market and investment trends, in-depth analysis of resources and discoveries around the world and the licensing and policy decisions affecting the industry, as well as updates on the latest technology for upstream and midstream operations.

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Issue 77 | June 2020
In this issue: The first drop in oil demand in more than a decade, production resumes in the Saudi-Kuwait
Neutral Zone, BP’s ten-point plan for net zero, and more.

Issue 76 | April 2020
In this issue: Losing the ‘social licence’ to operate, new Australian exploration, understanding OPEC uncertainty, and more.

Issue 75 | February 2020
In this issue: The promised ‘decommissioning boom’ has instead been met with government deferrals, Denmark’s greenlighting of Nord Stream 2, the risks and rewards of wildcat drilling, and more.

Issue 74 | December 2019
In this issue: We look at China’s global offshore investment strategy, Guyana’s change from frontier to oil and gas hotspot, the future of Alaska’s oil, and more.

Issue 73 | October 2019
In this issue: The OGTC’s we take a look at top start-ups, ask how influencer activism works, talk to Fieldbit about how augmented reality can change offshore oil and gas, and more.

Issue 72 | August 2019
In this issue: What the recent election will mean for drilling in the Great Australian Bight, electrifying the subsea, the offshore plasma drill being used by NASA to look for life on Mars, and more.

Issue 71 | June 2019
In this issue: The Norwegian Government pension fund divests from oil and gas, fresh ideas from the TechX Pioneer programme, Shell’s OPL 245 scandal, and more

Issue 70 | April 2019
In this issue: What government upheaval in Venezuela will mean for oil and gas business, a new exploration drive in Ireland, Shell’s real-time environmental impact assessment tool, Baker Hughes’ new approach to subsea development, BP’s Tamara Holmgren on women in oil & gas, and more.

Issue 69 | February 2019
In this issue: A new subsea test centre in Aberdeen, supporting the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, the world’s first full automated platform, encouraging women to pursue offshore careers, and more.

Issue 68 | December 2018
In this issue: Oil and gas companies pledge to tackle methane emissions, the delivery of the fastest ever upstream start-up by ABB, a new generation of mega offshore shipping terminals, and more.

Issue 67 | October 2018
In this issue: The rise of smaller players in the North Sea’s latest offshore licensing round, Nigeria’s petroleum reform bill, the University of Aberdeen’s Master’s in decommissioning, and more.

Issue 66 | August 2018
In this issue: Electrifying the Johan Sverdrup oil field, Nova Scotia’s fight for drilling, after Piper Alpha, the decommissioning burden, greatest oil moments, biggest gas projects, and more.

Issue 63 | February 2018
In this issue: The US government’s withdrawal from Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, exploration opportunities in Namibia, deepwater winners and losers, making the most of the Industrial IoT, subsea training in Scotland’s Underwater Centre and more.

Issue 62 | January 2018
In this issue: Opportunities in Malta, a timeline of game-changing gas discoveries in the Levant Basin, clashing forecasts for the UKCS, Hilcorp’s controversial drilling project in Alaska, a new technology that tracks sea ice, connected wearables for worker safety, and more.

Yearbook 2017
We look back on the biggest stories of the year in the offshore oil & gas industry.

Issue 61 | December 2017
In this issue: Why Danish oil majors are pulling out of the industry, opposition against Trump’s drilling plans on the Atlantic coast, the fallout from Hurricane Harvey, growing confidence in the UKCS, virtual reality simulation for safety training, and more.

Issue 58 Top

Issue 60 | November 2017
In this issue: Power struggle in the Persian Gulf, new attempts at Arctic drilling, Statoil’s bold recruitment move, solving the carbon dilemma, a look at Prelude, cybersecurity in the age of digitisation, and more.

Issue 58 Top

Issue 59 | October 2017
In this issue: Privatising Mexico’s oil sector, France’s international exploration ambitions, the next generation of automation, a new exploration technique using bacteria, mobile apps for field operators, reducing cost by cutting data waste, and more.

Issue 58 Top

Issue 58 | September 2017
In this issue: China’s oil and gas reforms, discoveries in Trinidad and Tobago, a new method to track oil leaks, a legal view on construction contract extensions, recruitment insights from BP and more.

Issue 57 Top

Issue 57 | August 2017
In this issue: The future of Total’s drilling project near the Amazon Reef, Trump’s plans to loosen US safety regulations, decommissioning the Brent field, new findings on Arctic spill response, cyber security for offshore installations, smart textiles for protective worker clothing, and more.

Issue 56 Top

Issue 56 | July 2017
In this issue: Progress with automated subsea platforms, extracting Japan’s methane hydrate reserves, GE’s digital rig project, Aberdeen’s future as a hub for UK oil, Ghana’s deepwater potential, an alternative to seismic airguns, and more.

Issue 55 Top

Issue 55 | June 2017
In this issue: Improving project delivery on the UKCS, OPEC’s waning power, tax breaks for the UK, innovation in offshore accommodation, predictive analytics for production surveillance, saving skills in the North Sea, and more.

Issue 54 Top

Issue 54 | May 2017
In this issue: Trump’s industry-friendly cabinet picks, the case for FLNG, the North Sea’s newest big player, Russia’s tax reforms, a new lease of life for Statoil’s Gullfaks field, and more.

Issue 53 Top

Issue 53 | April 2017
In this issue: Opportunities in Egypt, Statoil’s post-oil strategy, BP’s exit from the Great Australian Bight, new guidelines for drone operations, helicopter safety in the North Sea, decommissioning challenges, and more.

Issue 52 Top

Issue 52 | March 2017
In this issue: Opportunities offshore Somalia, a look inside Total’s South Pars development, Scottish skills for Mexico’s growing industry, the latest in subsea robotics, the next ten years of North Sea decommissioning, and more.

Issue 51 Top

Issue 51 | February 2017
In this issue: BP’s digital asset management trial, Shell’s $10bn plan for Brazil, Argentina’s deepwater potential, a surprise investment for the North Sea, an analysis of the GE-Baker Hughes merger, new insights into the Deepwater Horizon clean-up, and more.

Issue 50 Top

Issue 50 | January 2017
In this issue: Exploration in Africa’s Great Lakes, Norway’s Arctic decision under fire, a virtual pipeline for US LNG, support from space for decommissioning projects, the market potential of offshore technology transfer, industry majors are joining forces against cyber crime, and more.

Issue 49 Top

Issue 49 | December 2016
In this issue: Tax haven allegations against North Sea operators, reversing the downturn Down Under, insights into the subsea robotics market, the future of unmanned platforms, and more.

Issue 48 Top

Issue 48| November 2016
In this issue: Shell’s struggle with efficiency, what the South China Sea ruling means for the Philippines, a look at Maersk’s XL Enhanced drilling rigs, tackling oil leaks on the UKCS, noise control for offshore installations, locating hydrocarbons with genomic science, and more.

Issue 47 Top

Issue 47| October 2016
In this issue: The industry’s cased against US Arctic drilling rules, the EBRD’s support for oil exploration in Greece, Guyana’s emerging offshore industry, inside Shell’s most challenging project to date, and more.

Issue 46 Top

Issue 46| September 2016
In this issue: Taking Scottish expertise to Myanmar’s oil and gas industry, Shah Deniz 2 nears completion, Maersk Oil talks augmented reality, designing offshore structures for extreme Arctic conditions, assessing options in decommissioning, the real impact of small oil spills, and more.

Issue 45 Top

Issue 45| August 2016
In this issue: The industry’s influence on US drilling strategy, Norway opens up its Arctic waters, maintaining asset integrity in the North Sea, the future of Gorgon LNG, Super Puma helicopters on trial and more.

Issue 44 Top

Issue 44| July 2016
In this issue: Exploring the Isle of Man, investment strategies for a time of decline, the future of autonomous drilling, building information modelling in action, improving emergency training, and more.

Issue 43 Top

Issue 43| June 2016
In this issue: Dealing with erosion before construction and anti-corrosion technologies, the risks of onboard gas turbines, BP drilling in the Great Australian Bight, exploration off Bulgaria, production in mature markets, and more.

Issue 42 Top

Issue 42 | May 2016
In this issue: Fracking off the coast of California, learning lessons from the UK motor industry’s rebirth, lifting sanctions on Iran, the state of oilfield services, dolphin-inspired sonar sensors, decommissioning infrastructure, the health of oil, and more.

Issue 41 Top

Issue 41 | April 2016
In this issue: The effects of floating Saudi Armaco, Myanmar’s second gas discovery, legislation in the North Sea, managing ageing assets and protecting against climate change, multilateral well stimulation, decision-making software, and more.

Issue 40 Top

Issue 40 | March 2016
In this issue: Israel-US consortium develop huge offshore gas field, Goliat oil comes online, politics eases path for Sea Lion project, Uruguay’s emergence, savings in the North Sea, and maintaining assets in harsh environments.

Issue 39 Top

Issue 39| February 2016
In this issue: The future of US oil export restrictions, deep water potential in the Black Sea, an outlook for production in Brazil, improving safety for divers, a look inside the Subsea Systems Institute, workforce transport and more.

issue 38 Top

Issue 38| January 2016
In this issue: Why cost-cutting could stifle long-term innovation, offshore potential in the East Mediterranean, investor confidence in Nigeria grows, water treatment technology, Statoil and Shell’s Arctic exit, the UK’s oil and gas efficiency task force and more.

Special Issue Top

Special Issue | December 2015
The digital oilfield special issue: IT trends in the offshore industry, making the most of data analytics, tackling price pressures with digital technologies, IBM and Schlumberger team up for integrated operations, the first vessel scheduling app for subsea projects, surface robots for rig works, and more

issue 37 Top

Issue 37 | December 2015
In this issue: The 2015 UK Energy Bill, resources and tensions in the South China Sea, Guyana’s deepwater potential, getting a grip on ageing pipelines, controversy over blowout rules and more.

Issue 36 Top

Issue 36 | November 2015
In this issue: We look at the future of BP, the Taylor Energy spill, a new robotics and automation centre and much more.

Issue 35 Top

Issue 35 | October 2015
In this issue: In the latest issue we profile Shell as they prepare to take the Arctic plunge again, ask whether Libya’s raging civil war is a threat to the country’s offshore industry and much more.

Environment & Efficiency Issue Top

Environment & Efficiency Issue | September 2015
In this issue: In the Environment & Efficiency special issue of Offshore Technology Focus we look at call for carbon pricing, profile gas flaring in the oil and gas industry, profile a company that uses drones for offshore inspections and much more.

Issue 34 Top

Issue 34 | September 2015
In this issue: The Belizean Government plans to open up 99% of its waters to offshore explorations, how 3D printing can aid the offshore industry, a profile on Baker Hughes’ Hammerhead System and much more.

Issue 33 Top

Issue 33 | August 2015
In this issue: We look at a new report on decommissioning in the North Sea, discuss how the merger of Shell and BG Energy will affect the offshore industry and much more.

Issue 32 Top

Issue 32 | July 2015
In this issue: We take a look at how oil and gas operators protect offshore assets in pirate alley, discuss the risks of radiation leaks, ask whether the risks of Arctic development can be adequately mitigated and much more.

Safety & Security Issue Top

Safety & Security Issue | June 2015
In this issue: We take a look at how oil and gas operators protect offshore assets in pirate alley, discuss the risks of radiation leaks, ask whether the risks of Arctic development can be adequately mitigated and much more.

Issue 31 Top

Issue 31 | June 2015
In this issue: We discover what is needed before a project can gain finance, investigate the rise of eco activist shareholders and much more.

Issue 30 Top

Issue 30 | May 2015
In this issue: We look at the future of Norway’s oil industry, debate the pros and cons of opening up the Eastern Gulf of Mexico to oil exploration and much more.

Issue 29 Top

Issue 29 | April 2015
In this issue: In the latest issue of Offshore Technology Focus we discover why BP, Shell and Exxon have once again turned their attentions to Somalia, find out how attractive end-to-end ownership of the oil supply chain really is and much more.

Issue 28 Top

Issue 28 | March 2015
In this issue: We look at calls for major reform to the tax regime for oil and gas companies operating on the UK Continental Shelf, discover the latest developments in seismic technology and much more.

Issue 27 Top

Issue 27 | February 2015
In this issue: We find out about Lebanon’s offshore potential, learn how communications technologies are changing the industry and much more.

Issue 26 Top

Issue 26 | January 2015
In this issue: We find out about the training of the next generation of East African oil and gas workers, learn how China is kick-starting its domestic oil and gas industry and much more.

The Digital Oilfield Issue Top

The Digital Oilfield Issue | December 2014
In this issue: The Digital Oilfield special edition of Offshore Technology Focus looks at the history of the digital oilfield, examines how to protect critical infrastructure from the risk of cyber terrorism, profiles Seatooth technology for ROVs and much more.

Issue 25 Top

Issue 25 | December 2014
In this issue: We look back at some of the most interesting high profile anti-oil protests in history, investigate the future of floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) production and much more.

Issue 24 Top

Issue 24 | November 2014
In this issue: We take a look at the technological advancements that have allowed Forties Field to keep on producing, profile Russia’s pledge to help Cuba’s offshore industry, discover the new marine species found thanks to the use of offshore subsea ROVs and much more.

Environment & Efficiency Issue Top

Environment & Efficiency Issue | September 2014
In this issue: We investigate what lies ahead for response teams working in icy conditions, look at the potential that precision in weather forecasting could hold for the industry, discuss the findings of a report looking at the ongoing impact of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill and much more.

September 2014 Top

Issue 22 | September 2014
In this issue:We look at the worst territorial tensions over oil hot spots, ask why several companies are issuing retail bonds to fund projects and investigate Norway’s plan to use onshore energy to power offshore platforms.

August 2014 Top

Issue 21 | August 2014
In this issue:We discover the challenges of working on pipelines without shutting down operations, chart 200 years of Kongsberg, look at the effect global climate change mitigation plans may have on offshore oil and gas companies in the future and much more.

July 2014 Top

Issue 20 | July 2014
In this issue: We look at the progress on the bill to protect whistleblowers, find out more about observation and surveying, profile new research about deep-sea fishing, plunge into the Gulf of Mexico and much more.

Safety & Security Special Issue | June 2014 Top

Safety & Security Special Issue | June 2014
In this issue: Changes in helicopter safety regulations in the North Sea, the dangers of flammable mists, Norway’s union crisis over changes to safety training, the decommissioning of Shell’s Brent field and more.

June 2014 Top

Issue 19 | June 2014
In this issue: We look at how the New Zealand government has opened up some of its land for explorations, profile the West African wildcard of Mauritania, explore the world of offshore fracking, learn more about the Kvitebjørn field in Norway and much more.

May 2014 Top

Issue 18 | May 2014
In this issue: We look at how Canada is dealing with offshore operators, find out how global governance is needed in geopolitical tensions, explore how new technology is helping health and safety, discover the new lifting techniques in the marine environment, explore the Wood report, profile the Kinnoull oil reservoir and much more.

April 2014 Top

Issue 17 | April 2014
In this issue: We look at how India’s 21st century growth could be stifled, find out about the US export ban, look at the issues that oil and gas fire safety are facing, profile the world’s first subsea DAS system, explore whether CO2 can be stored in rock formations, discover the Papa Terra field and much more.

Exploration & Drilling Special Issue Top

Exploration & Drilling Special Issue | March 2014
In this issue: In this issue we look at seismic surveying, explore the possibilities of South Africa, learn about the oil fields of the Gulf of Mexico, find out how a new project could create more deepwater drilling systems, discover how drill waste management is changing, where the world’s largest oil rig is being developed and much more

March 2014 Top

Issue 16 | March 2014
In this issue: We look at the recent Wood Review, learn about the role of hydrocarbons and how they are prompting the industry to think about new reserves, discover how a new fibre-optic sensing technology can monitor the entire length of an oil well in real time and much more

February 2014 Top

Issue 15 | February 2014
In this issue: Is peak oil imminent or decades away, the UK’s future offshore decommissioning tasks, Kenya’s oil and gas potential, Canada’s booming oil industry prepares for any potential complications, new luxury accommodation craft, the widespread issue of mass kidnappings, the growing battle in Australia over salaries and more

January 2014 Top

Issue 14 | January 2014
In this issue: Boosting offshore broadband connectivity, new efforts to improve the safety of helicopter operations, the importance of geospatial data in operational and risk management, the fallout from Italy’s new exploration restrictions, Israel’s emerging gas sector, new technology for safer re-injection of wastewater, and more

December 2013 Top

Issue 13 | December 2013
In this issue: How new tandem offloading technology using cryogenic hoses could take FLNG production into deeper waters, the Offshore Technology Focus Awards 2013, a new approach to subsea design, the dangers of chronic small oil spills in the North Sea, the oil and gas potential of the Caspian Sea region, wave energy for offshore applications, and more

November 2013 Top

Issue 12 | November 2013
In this issue: How the Scottish independence referendum could affect jobs, exploration and licences in the North Sea, Somalia’s oil and gas potential, protecting pipelines from severe weather, chemically enhanced oil recovery technology, closing the skills gap in subsea engineering, and more

October 2013 Top

Issue 11 | October 2013
In this issue: How the legacy of Piper Alpha has transformed safety management; how companies are improving risk management procedures in the wake of the Macondo spill, new research into natural sand injections and how it could help pinpoint additional oil reserves, the impact of sea ice on Arctic operations and how environmental sensing and prediction could help, and more

September 2013 Top

Issue 10 | September 2013
In this issue: We investigate the boom in helicopter leasing for personnel transfers, ask Statoil about its exploration strategy for new prospects found offshore Newfoundland, profile one of the world’s biggest offshore slewing cranes and more

August 2013 Top

Issue 9 | August 2013
In this issue: How new technologies are transforming offshore inspection best practice, the UK’s oil and gas strategy, drilling for oil in small reservoirs, how a new US institute aims to tackle industry-wide safety issues, roundtable discussion: how to plug the skills gap, and more

July 2013 Top

Issue 8 | July 2013
In this issue: The implications of Japan’s methane hydrate discovery on the global gas market, how the digital oilfield is reshaping operations, the first solar-powered autonomous data capture robot for the industry, mitigating the risks of deep drilling and oil spills, space-inspired offshore safety training by NASS, and more

May 2013 Top

Issue 7 | May 2013
In this issue: Fire safety engineering for offshore platforms, Brazil’s next round of exploration auctions, Venezuela’s oil policy post-Chavez, subsea pipeline repairs, the booming market for remotely operated vehicles, fluorescent oil spill detection technology, supply chain management, and more

March 2013 Top

Issue 6 | March 2013
In this issue: Offshore security training, the Arctic debate continues, Myanmar’s emerging oil and gas industry, East Africa’s new energy frontier, Shell’s subsea compressor technology, BP’s reduced salinity water injection technology, and much more

December 2012 Top

Issue 5 | December 2012
In this issue:Protecting oil and gas assets against cyber attacks, innovations in pipeline technology, the future of Russia’s offshore assets, design automation for equipment, the construction of Petrobras’ P55 platform, and more

October 2012 Top

Issue 4 | October 2012
In this issue:The future of drilling in the Arctic under the next US president, territorial disputes around the South China Sea, Norway’s industry after the strikes, monitoring the integrity of assets, and more.

August 2012 Top

Issue 3 | August 2012
In this issue: The human factor in offshore safety, advanced seismic imaging, Shell’s Arctic drilling plans, Statoil’s pipeline maintenance regime, the 2012 recruitment boom, and more.

June 2012 Top

Issue 2 | June 2012
In this issue: As resources become scarce and exploration moves to ever more challenging depths of the ocean, companies are relying on advanced deepwater technology to unlock the world’s last remaining oil reserves

April 2012 Top

Issue 1 | April 2012
In this issue: New oil and gas discoveries, pipeline concepts for ultra deep waters, LNG mega ships and platforms, project updates from around the world, and more.

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