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Alex Donaldson

Alex is a trainee reporter at Sportcal. He focuses on soccer, NFL, basketball and combat sports.

Concrete for the future: An interview with ECOncrete CEO Ido Sella

Alex Donaldson interviews ECOncrete CEO Dr Ido Sella about ECOncrete’s Admix aimed at supporting ocean biomes.

ProFrac defeats Halliburton in court over electric fracking patents

ProFrac has defeated Halliburton in a US federal court after a jury found its electric fracking technology did not violate Halliburton patent protection.

Signal: Maurel & Prom purchases 100% of Assala Energy

The purchase includes Assala’s Gabon-focused subsidiaries and assets.

Chevron to directly offer pay to LNG workers to avoid strikes in Australia

Chevron will look to table a pay offer to workers at its three Australian LNG facilities to avoid pending strike action.

TotalEnergies invests in Luna offshore CCS exploration project

As a part of the project, Wintershall DEA is building a CO₂ hub in Wilhelmshaven, Norway, for CO₂ to be collected and temporarily stored before being taken offshore.

Ecuador votes to ban oil extraction and mining at two locations

Following two referendums, oil and mineral extraction at the Yasuni nature reserve and the Choco Andino forest respectively will be ceased.

Signals: Harbour Energy sells Vietnam business

British oil and gas company Harbour Energy has announced the sale of its Vietnam portfolio to Vietnamese producer Big Energy.

Strike action balloted for Chevron LNG workers in Australia

Offshore Alliance, an Australian union of offshore workers, is balloting for strike action across three Chevron LNG projects.

Norwegian companies to invest further in oil and gas, report says

The report found that for both 2023 and 2024, oil and gas companies had increased investment projections from estimates they made in May.

GCMD achieves 20% emission reduction in latest maritime biofuel test

The fuel tested was a blend of 30% hydrotreated vegetable oil biofuel with 70% marine gas oil.