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Finnart oil pipeline to continue repairs into April

The Scottish Finnart pipeline usually transports oil to the Grangemouth refinery.

EU to decline extending agreement on Russian gas transit via Ukraine

The five-year deal is set to terminate by the end of 2024.

US gas prices fall to 30-year low

A mild winter has caused a slowdown in demand.

Tokyo Gas predicts half of overseas profit from US gas by 2030

The Japanese company is not concerned by the Biden administration’s pause on liquefied natural gas (LNG) export permits.

Mexican Pemex platform leaks plume of methane despite UN warning

Methane is more damaging to the environment in the short term than carbon dioxide (CO₂).

Mexico orders expropriation of Air Liquide’s hydrogen plant

The decision comes after the plant was taken over by the state-controlled petroleum company Pemex in December.

TotalEnergies shuts down refinery in Texas, days after restarting

The Port Arthur refinery was struggling to meet coker and reformer targets.

Oil production growth slows in the Permian following year of acquisitions

Public oil companies are looking to consolidate their activities rather than invest in expansion.

South Korea in talks with Nigeria to invest in natural gas

The Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) has met with a South Korean consortium in Seoul.

Santander and Lloyds reportedly helped Iranian company avoid western sanctions

An Iranian state-owned petrochemical company operated out of an office near Buckingham Palace.