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Ashima Sharma

Ashima is a staff journalist reporting on the global energy sector, with interests spanning across human rights, geopolitics, technology and climate resilience.

Gulf of Mexico oil spill impacts 3% of daily oil output, threatens endangered species 

The pipeline was closed by Main Pass Oil Gathering Company (MPOG) last Thursday after crude oil was spotted around 19 miles offshore of the Mississippi River Delta.

Germany and Nigeria agree on $500m renewable projects and gas export deal 

This is the first-ever gas deal between Africa’s largest oil producer and Europe’s biggest gas consumer, signed at the G20 Compact with Africa conference in Berlin.

Can global oil markets still rely on China?

Since China reopened its economy after the zero-Covid policy, the world has reeled under two major energy shocks, from Russia-Ukraine and the Israel-Palestine wars. Ashima Sharma asks if oil markets can rely on China to steer consumption.

Finland says broken anchor from Chinese vessel caused Balticconnector damage 

Finland’s investigators say they believe the damage to Balticconnector was caused by a Chinese vessel, NewNew Polar Bear.

Shell shares hit record high amid Israel-Palestine war driving up oil prices 

The recovery in Shell’s share price is driven by higher commodity prices and changes in business strategy.

Gabon’s military junta names former Eramet executive as Petrol Minister 

Marcel Abeke was an executive of Eramet, the world’s largest producer of high-grade manganese ore, mined at the Moanda mine in Gabon.

Peril on High Seas: the Yemen oil tanker and the menace of oil spills 

The Yemen oil tanker crisis serves as a grim reminder of the environmental risks associated with oil spills in war-torn and disturbed regions. Ashima Sharma reports.

Vedanta ran “covert” lobbying campaign in India to weaken environment regulations: report 

A report by the OCCRP reveals how the law in India was bypassed to loosen environmental regulations that benefit corporates.

Indian refiners pay in yuan for Russian oil imports 

The rise in yuan payments has given China an edge to internationalise its currency against the US dollar.

The question of data: Exploring the challenges of AI in oil and gas 

Ashima Sharma speaks to the founder of AI and machine learning consultancy Matra on the data inputs and interpretation techniques teaching tomorrow’s machines.