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Nigeria: fuel subsidy cuts amid $6bn debt owed to NNPC

The official pump price of petrol is now expected to rise from N185 ($0.40) to as much as N550 ($1.18).

Shell cuts oil imports to Singapore refinery due to extended mooring repairs

Shell’s import volume was reduced from 7.7 million barrels to three million after it extended repairs to the mooring facility until 30 June.

Alberta wildfires hit Canada-US gas flow, causing prices to rise

Wildfires in Alberta have disrupted oil and gas operations, pushing Canada-US gas flow to a two-year low.

“Green” funds accused of greenwashing over oil and gas investments

A think tank found that several pension funds named as supporting the energy transition still hold oil and gas investments.

Wildfires in Canada force shutdown of oil and gas production

Wildfires across Canada’s main oil producing province, Alberta, have disrupted oil and gas production of 280,000 boepd.

Rising oil earnings allow Russia to resume purchase of foreign currency

Russia’s purchase of Chinese Yuan as its primary asset for energy transactions highlights its ability to weather the impact of sanctions.

Sea storage of LNG increases with weak demand and high stocks in North Asia

North Asia’s floating LNG storage reaches a five-year high, driving down spot demand prices.

Ukraine extends ban on gas export to Europe as storage reaches record lows

Ukraine has extended its ban on gas export to Europe amid fears of depleting reserves and disparate domestic prices.

Almost half UK oil spills breach permitted limits: Information request

Companies released oil into UK waters in breach of permitted limits, endangering marine life.

Russian LNG imports to EU increase in 2022, despite political will

Despite political pressure, the EU’s purchase of Russian LNG continues to rise, while legal options to restrict imports remain under negotiation.