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Callum Tyndall is the editor of Power Technology, Mining Technology, and Offshore Technology.

Callum Tyndall

The paradox of plenty: new issue of Offshore Technology out now

In this issue: mapping the resource curse, the end of oil and gas dividends, preventing cyberattacks in the oil sector, and more.

Business is booming: new issue of Offshore Technology Focus out now

In this issue: South America’s offshore oil boom, small-scale divestment in the UK, learning from the stranded MT Iba seafarers, and more.

How is activity in the oil and gas sector recovering from Covid-19’s impact?

Analysis of jobs, deals, stock prices and financial filings and news sentiments now show oil and gas to be a relative loser when it comes to Covid-19 recovery.

Is the oil & gas sector seeing the beginnings of an AI investment boom?

AI deals, jobs and patents have been booming in the last few years. But is the oil & gas sector keeping up?

Offshore Technology Focus: Issue 65

In this issue: Tension over Cyprus’ contested waters, the end of oil in New Zealand, the next generation of inspection robotics, ABB talks operations optimisation, and more

Offshore Technology Focus: Issue 64

In this issue: Egypt’s Zohr megaproject, US safety regulation updates, the UK’s new O&G tech accelerator, a debate over decommissioning North Sea platforms, and more

Offshore Technology Focus: Issue 63

Offshore Technology Focus is now available on all devices! In this issue: US withdrawal from the EITI, exploration opportunities in Namibia, deepwater winners and losers, and more

Offshore Technology Focus: Issue 62

In this issue: Opportunities in Malta, a timeline of game-changing gas discoveries in the Levant Basin, clashing forecasts for the UKCS, Hilcorp’s controversial drilling project in Alaska, a new technology that tracks sea ice, connected wearables for worker safety, and more.

Offshore Technology Focus: Issue 61

In this issue: Why Danish oil majors are pulling out of the industry, opposition against Trump’s drilling plans on the Atlantic coast, the fallout from Hurricane Harvey, growing confidence in the UKCS, virtual reality simulation for safety training, and more.

Offshore Technology Focus: Issue 59

In this issue: Privatising Mexico’s oil sector, France’s international exploration ambitions, the next generation of automation, a new exploration technique using bacteria, mobile apps for field operators, reducing cost by cutting data waste, and more.