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Eve Thomas is a reporter writing across a variety of sectors with a specific focus on thematic intelligence. She has a BA in English Literature from the University of Sheffield and an MSt in English from Oxford University.

The EU’s energy crisis “is over” – but could it happen again?

Europe’s supplies are “safe and stable”, but cold weather and geopolitical tensions threaten a repeat of the energy crisis.

Energy transition ‘picking up speed’ but ‘structural changes’ needed – IEA

Tim Gould, chief energy economist at the IEA, says climate progress is being made but that international collaboration is needed.

Transport drives India’s seven-month peak in fuel demand

India’s transport sector is driving fuel consumption, and demand from the industry will grow faster than other sectors.

2023 in data: the trends that shaped the oil and gas sector

Analysis of 2023 oil and gas trends shows companies adjusting to a changing market, with regions looking to cleaner energy and new tech.

Signal: Shell’s sustainability filings drop despite CEO reassurances

Shell CEO Wael Sawan has assured staff of his commitment to sustainability despite an apparent decline in interest within Shell filings.

Signal: oil-free Lego bricks scrapped amid sustainability concerns

Intended to improve sustainability, Lego’s oil-free prototype would actually increase the company’s carbon emissions.

Signal: at-risk UK offshore energy industry sees decline in hirings

Offshore jobs are at risk in the wind and oil and gas sectors, as underinvestment results in slow growth and limited capacity.

Signal: Netherlands natural gas reserves expire in nine years, threatening jobs

The Netherlands has pledged to halt domestic gas production by 2030, which leaves questions about jobs as a successful industry shuts down.