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Florence Jones

Florence is a staff writer across energy titles and a graduate of MLitt Global Social and Political Thought.

Leading European bank to halve oil and gas exposure by 2025 

Société Générale’s CEO wants the French lender to be a “rock-solid and sustainable top-tier European bank”.

US state of California sues oil majors over fossil fuel risks 

According to the lawsuit, oil companies have known about the risks associated with fossil fuel production since the 1950s.

UK methane leak detected from space 

Methane is an extremely potent greenhouse gas contributing to rising global temperatures.

Dutch company OCI Global to double its green methanol capacity in US 

The expansion comes amid high demand for green methanol to decarbonise high-emitting sectors, including shipping.

BP chief resigns after failing to disclose personal relationships with colleagues

The company said that Bernard Looney will step down with immediate effect.

G20 leaders reach a deal on renewables but not oil and gas phase-out 

The conclusions from this weekend’s negotiations will set the stage for the COP28 climate summit taking place in the United Arab Emirates this November.

Saudi Arabia and Russia to extend 1.3 million bpd oil production cuts 

The joint announcement will seek 1.3 million bpd held back despite objections from the US.

Australian workers reject Chevron deal, strike to go ahead 

The Offshore Alliance union described the deal as “completely out of touch”.

UN says that children have a right to a clean and sustainable environment 

The report makes explicit reference to the fossil fuel industry and its impact on children’s rights.

UK issues permit for oil and gas drilling in Yorkshire 

The consultation comes amid ongoing debate about the role of fossil fuels in the UK’s energy mix.