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Asia to dominate global methylene diphenyl diisocyanate capacity additions by 2027

Asia is expected to add a capacity of 0.40mtpa from one new-build planned MDI project.

Russia is able to mitigate the impact of the $60 per barrel price cap

Russia seems to be relatively successful in evading the full impact of the price cap.

The US to drive renewable refinery production capacity additions by 2027

North America’s renewable refinery production capacity is expected to reach 13,142 mmgy in 2027, the highest among all regions globally.

Asia continues to lead global refinery projects outlook by 2027

Asia is followed by Africa, which has 73 upcoming crude oil refinery projects.

China leads Asia’s refinery hydrocracking units capacity

China witnessed the highest capacity growth from 2017 to 2022 with an AAGR of 8.0%, followed by India with 1.8%.

North America to lead global ammonia capacity additions until 2030

North America is expected to add a capacity of 26.39 mtpa by 2030, with 18 new build planned and announced projects.

Could CCUS make a low-carbon and circular chemical industry a reality?

Carbon emissions from the chemical industry can be broken down into direct energy demand and process emissions, both of which represent a challenge to decarbonisation.

Asia to dominate global vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) capacity additions by 2027

Within Asia, India leads with the largest capacity additions of 3.24mtpa from its three planned projects.

Oil and gas contracts regained value momentum in Q2 2023

The upstream sector reported 932 contracts during Q2 2023, followed by the downstream/petrochemical sector and midstream sector with 191 and 164 contracts, respectively.

North America dominates global LNG liquefaction capacity additions by 2027

Russia and Qatar follow, with capacities of 67.5mtpa and 48mtpa, respectively.