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Killing for oil – the necessity of representation in climate action

The outrageous standards of justice in the initial decades of the 20th century have continued into the treatment of climate activists today.

In the run-up to COP28, is the UAE meeting its emissions reduction targets? 

UAE energy company ADNOC lowered its net zero target from 2050 to 2045, ahead of the country hosting the COP28 climate talks.

COP27: Have we committed to our goals?

In general, the goal of COP27 centered around adaptive measures to save those that are in danger of the effects of climate change.

What does Biden’s executive order mean for worldwide AI regulation?

Regulators worldwide are designing and implementing AI legislation to keep up with technology’s pace of development.

What in the world has happened since COP27?

Governments are being forced into action on ESG topics.

M&A market performance suffered in Q3 2023

Deal activity was impacted by several factors including higher inflation and rising interest rates.

Oil refiners turning to renewable fuels amid emission concerns

The emission footprint of biofuels can be significantly further reduced by capturing CO₂ during their production.

AI in oil and gas: a less slippery slope

Nvidia has used AI to quickly evaluate sequestration sites and to suggest injection rates and volume.

Generative AI – beyond the hype

A recent survey by Verdict Media shows that 73% of respondents either partially or fully understand Generative AI.

The Metaverse: Macroeconomic trends