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Nick Ferris is a data journalist based in London. He has previously worked at Greenpeace Unearthed, The MailOnline and The Straits Times. He is a graduate of the MA in Investigative Journalism at City University.

Nick Ferris


Positive outlook for US energy transition ahead of midterm elections

Energy Monitor analyses the past and projected future of the US energy transition to mark the 2022 midterm elections.

Big oil’s big recovery

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine triggered a recovery in crude oil prices. Six months on, we look at how this has changed the fossil fuel industry.

Why hydrogen is not the answer to petrostates’ woes

Hydrogen production may help some petrostates diversify during the energy transition, but it will not replace oil and gas.

The enduring threat to the Arctic from Big Oil

Norway and Russia are pushing for new oil and gas operations in the Arctic, despite operating fields being enough to see the world through to net zero by mid-century.

Russia exodus shows the level of scrutiny Big Oil is now under

The rapid exit of oil majors from Russia is emblematic of how the industry’s social license is on the line.

Why success at COP26 is vital for business

A successful outcome will mitigate climate risk, provide businesses with the certainty they so desperately want and open up new opportunities for green growth.

Flaring intensity needs immediate action to keep net-zero hopes alive

Average flaring intensity per barrel is at its highest in five years – even as the IEA says it must fall 90% by 2025.

Data reveals where Big Oil is building renewables businesses

European oil companies are largely targeting national markets with their renewables businesses, as developing countries struggle to access financing for their energy transitions.